Continuous Mist Spray Bottle
Continuous Mist Spray Bottle

Continuous Mist Spray Bottle

Size: Mini 200mL / 6.763 oz.

Imagine getting hair perfectly wet with a single spray. No more pumping the trigger over and over, soaking your guests’ hair, or hurting your hand and fingers.

The Continuous Mist Spray Bottle delivers a fine, even mist that lasts longer and covers a larger area of the head. A comfortable curved design protects your hand from pain and fatigue.

Improve your workflow with our Continuous Mist Spray Bottle.

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  • Large spray pattern with even distribution
  • Fine mist droplet size
  • Prolonged/continuous spray, 1.2 seconds per compression
  • 360º spraying, giving you the option to spray with the bottle upside down without leaks
  • Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue compared to traditional trigger sprayers
  • 99% bottle evacuation, keep spraying until the water is gone