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Best Blending Texturizing Techniques For Hairdressers

different blending shears for different results

There are many techniques out there for creating texture and removing weight and you know we love to change things up, don’t we? We share four videos clips to offer techniques for both texturizing and weight removal with the use of blending shears versus blunt shears. The advantages are sure to turn you into a blending shear addict and most of all save you time to not always have to go back into the finished cut to tweak ends or re-texturize. Are you up for it?

Using Different Blending Or Thinning Shears To Achieve Different Results

Sam Villa offers two blending or thinning shears, the Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear and the Essential Series Reversible Blender.

  1. The Professional Reversible Blending Shear features 42 radial teeth that are close spaced. Each tooth has a "V" shape at the end to capture the hair into the teeth. These shears will extract a decent amount of weight and will create beautiful soft texture without any hard lines.
  2. The Essential Series Reversible Blending Shear features 30 teeth yet, does not include the ‘V’ shape at the ends. This shear is much more forgiving than the Signature Series Shear and is an excellent choice for beginning stylists and for those that wish to remove less weight.
  3. Both shears are equipped with dual removable finger tangs

Each shear gives you options! As both shears are ‘reversible’ you have the option of facing the teeth upward to influence the hair to move out away from the head and when the teeth are facing downward the hair is influenced to move toward the head.


Removing Weight And Bulk Without Creating Lines Or Leaving Holes


Removing weight from shorter areas such as fringe or the neckline is simple when you have the right shear for the technique. Discover how the Sam Villa Signature Series InvisiBlend Shear will become your new favorite shear for detailing fringe or seamlessly blending layers or extensions.

Why this shear?

The straight blade on this shear is polished and blunt-it does not cut the hair, only the teeth blade cuts the hair.

The benefit?

As you close the blades, each section of hair is folded over the blunt blade and each hair strand is left with arched ends resulting in no lines of demarcation.

When looking to remove weight from a heavy fringe the last thing we want to notice are lines of demarcation or short hairs that pop up. The InvisiBlend shear is perfect for this simple removal of weight in a fringe:

  1. Slice out a section underneath the weight in the fringe at least ¼ to ½ inch away from the hairline, depending on the density of the hair and the growth pattern of the fringe area.
  2. Approach the section close to the scalp.
  3. Open the blades, close and slide out.
  4. Continue throughout the fringe slicing alternate sections and leaving the top section as is.
  5. No short pieces will pop through and no lines of demarcation will be visible.

3 Ways To Use A Blending Shear On Longer Hair


If you count on a blending shear for the sole purpose of texturizing, think again, my friends! In this video we demonstrate three hair cutting techniques using the Sam Villa Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear.

Why this shear?

The ambidextrous grip along with the dual finger tangs allows us to place the shear into the hair in various positions that open up several cutting options you may not have considered that you are already achieving with your blunt shear.

The benefit?

The direction the teeth are facing influences the direction the hair will move!

Stationary Cuts

Teeth facing upward:

When opening and closing the blades into a section, the shear generates one cut. The hair trapped into the teeth blade is cut and the remainder of the hair in the section is driven into the crevices of the teeth blade and remains uncut.

Teeth facing downward:

All of the length in a section can be removed resulting in a very diffused edge

Mimic a Razor

For your razor shy guests, the shear performs beautifully for point cutting for texture without removing too much hair. The textured ends mimic a razor without committing to a razor for those guests.

Remove Deep Interior Weight

Pinching and Talking

  1. Pinch your section between your thumb and index finger.
  2. Decide where you want to begin removing weight within your section.
  3. Open the shear almost to the pivot.
  4. Open and close the blades as you move down the section.
  5. You will experience more control in the amount of hair you remove versus a blunt shear.

How To Cut A Side Sweeping Fringe

How To Cut A Side Sweeping Fringe

A side sweeping fringe is beautiful option versus a full fringe and a perfect accent almost anyone can easily carry. The downside is, it rarely stays on the side and most always falls back into the face. In this clip Sam utilizes Sam Villa Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear with the weave and back cutting technique:

Recognizing the reason for this is that the fringe has too much weight and not length will set you up to succeed in maintaining the length your guest desires!

  1. Stand on the side that the fringe is on and take a diagonal section up and slightly over to the right.
  2. Position the straight blade of the Sam Villa Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear at the bottom.
  3. Weave the shear in and out of the section slightly above the ends.
  4. Open, close and backslide the shears multiple times.

The pushing back action of backsliding creates variation of texture within the fringe. And, because the fringe no longer has so much weight, it stays put!