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Brushing Up On Brushes - Choosing The Right Brush For The Technique

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Sam Villa combined the finest materials and features available to create his Signature Series Brushes - brushes designed to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

Features such as environmentally friendly durable bamboo (a renewable resource), longer handles, 100% first-cut boar bristles and tourmaline-coated nylon fibers make them fine tools, but to achieve a polished finish, one must understand what brush to pick up. There are three factors to consider when choosing a brush - hair type, technique and desired result.

  • Professional paddle brushes have a soft cushion and ball tipped nylon pins that are staggered so the brush glides through hair easily. It can be used on all hair types and lengths and is great for wrap drying longer hair because it detangles, lifts and straightens.
  • Professional round brushes can be made of natural boar bristles or nylon pins. They're good for short to medium length hair and wavy or curly hair. Round brushes can curl, smooth and straighten, and are good for creating volume at the scalp. Aluminum round brushes are a good consideration when styling finer hair as they conduct a lot of heat which provides stronger hold and more control.
    Tip: The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl. When straightening, base the barrel size on the length of hair.
  • Professional oval brushes are made of natural boar bristles (assists in distribution of natural oils and closes the cuticle promoting shine) or nylon bristle pins and are good for stretch drying and creating volume. Oval brushes create volume better than a round brush due to the way the hair wraps around the brush at the base. The oval shape grabs hair making it easier to stretch and create tension causing less stress than a round brush, which requires the thumb, index finger and wrist to rotate the brush to create the tension and grab.

Classic Finishing Brushes:

  • 9 Row Finishing Brush are good for all hair types. It's a half round brush with smooth nylon tips set in a non-static pattern on a rubber pad. It creates a smooth, polished, super shiny finish.
  • Professional styling brushes are mostly made of a mixture of boar bristles and nylon set in an oval air cushion. They're good for all lengths of fine to normal hair and are great for blow-drying and styling because they distribute natural oils down the hair shaft for a very polished look.

Vent Brushes are the lightest brush and have pins spaced widely apart. This allows warm air circulation to the hair closest to the scalp. They are good for all lengths of hair, especially fine hair because it helps create lift at the scalp area. Vent brushes are great for creating texture and movement, or detangling and blow-drying hair straight. Want maximum results with minimum effort? Check out Sam Villa Signature Series Brushes.

Inside Scoop: Right now I'm creating a lot of polished finishes that are close to the head, and I need to achieve control quickly, so I'm wrap drying with a paddle brush. The soft cushion and staggered pins allow me to detangle, lift and straighten hair of all types and lengths in a timely manner.