How to Cut a 'V' shape into long hair - Sam Villa

How to Cut a 'V' shape into long hair

How many of you have clients asking for cuts with angled fronts – hair that can move back away from the face? Think Farah Fawcett – Yes, Farah! They are also asking for the ‘V’ shape in the back.

Learn to create this look using a very simple technique. Instead of trying to carve out the angle in the front and the ‘V’ shape in the back, you will learn how to cut the interior and the shape will appear!

The result? A beautiful front framing angle that falls seamlessly to a ‘V’ shape in the back!

Products & Tools Used For This Technique:

What You'll Learn In This Video:

  • Think inside out – layer first instead of creating the perimeter angle.
  • Why establishing points of reference keep you on track.
  • Discover the necessity of parallel comb and finger angles to your partings.
  • Identify the tool that can get us into trouble during every cut.
  • How to keep your mindset in place by achieving rhythm for consistency.

Give this technique a try the next time you have a guest looking to create the "V" shape and we know you'll love the results!