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How To Find Creative Inspiration As A Hairdresser

The definition of the word inspiration can found as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

We are all creative souls and we need mental and visual stimulation to keep us from burning out. Burn out is stressful and exhausting! And make no mistake, if we allow ourselves to continue on a path of repetitiveness, we are doing ourselves as well as our guests a grave injustice!

Inspiration keeps us fresh and excited to try new things - even if it is not new, we need to constantly find the stimulation to change the way we do everyday things. Inspiration comes from many different places, people and things and we owe it to ourselves to find inspiration to move forward with continued success.

Let’s begin with a few video clips we think will spark inspiration in different areas:

  • Sam & Andrew Reveal How To Find Creative Inspiration.
  • How To Become a Better Hairdresser - The Four Stages of Learning.
  • Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot with Team Sam Villa.


1. Sam & Andrew Reveal How To Find Creative Inspiration

Where do you turn to for creative inspiration? Do you travel to s specific location; seek out fashion mags and/or social sites? Do you “hair jam”?

So much is going on in the salon and we need to be sure we take time to de-clutter our minds. You may say, ‘time, what is that? I do not have time for…’ You will be very surprised to discover how a little bit of quiet time in a peaceful surrounding can spark your creative juices!

Once you succumb to re-energizing creativity we know you will set aside time to moving forward. It’s not just about looking at pictures in a magazine, surfing the web or watching a show; it's about nourishing our heads with our senses and surroundings that are out of the norm. Dig deep and you just might be surprised what you discover!

    • Why peaceful surroundings calm the stress of the everyday salon agenda.
    • How to use magazine tear sheets to influence your mindset.
    • Discovering websites for a fresh approach.
    • Using fashion as a means of creating a haircut.
    • Why listening to music can take us to places we would not normally go.
    • Learn how to 'Hair Jam'.                       


2. How To Become a Better Hairdresser - The Four Stages of Learning

We are all cautious about learning new techniques that differ from what we were first taught or might not have known, aren’t we? Yes, because most of us fear the unknown!

It’s important for us to understand the stages of learning we all go through with anything new to propel us past the fear.

For example, let’s take a mental trip back to beauty school. We were completely unaware of how to cut or color hair. All of that changed once we made our first mistakes and became aware of what we were doing. As we continued to practice new techniques we became conscious of the thoughts we were having and the results we were achieving. This is the stage where a lot of students doubted themselves and some ended up quitting.

Yet, we must persevere and get out of that dark place! The more we practice the better we become and doubt ourselves less and less. The next stage is where our skill levels improve greatly we achieve success! Once repeat the process over and over again the correct way, we get to a point where we don’t even have to think about what we are doing.

Developing a new skill set is something that will no longer be stressful. You will find yourself excited to learn and the fear factor will slip away!


3. Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot with Team Sam Villa

A ton of work goes into a photo shoot! From storyboard to clothes to make up to product to models; everything is well thought out and our teams are in place to meet the specifics of the look we set out to create.

Planning is key to successful coordination the day of the shoot. Everyone on set is assigned designated tasks well ahead of the shoot date to be held accountable, yet we all we must arrive with willingness to stop what we are working on to assist others in any time of need. We all show up prepared to multitask!

And, it’s also necessary to have fun along the way! Sure, there are going to be tedious moments and you know what? It all works out in the end, trust me, you will land the money shot!