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Great Questions for an Amazing Client Consultation in the Salon

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Age is nothing but a number and age genuinely has nothing to do with how short or long a woman ‘should’ wear her hair!  And the word ‘should’ needs to be taken out altogether.

Communication builds wealth!  There is no time more powerful than the time we take for our guest consultation.  Whether it is a consult with a recurring guest for a new look or a consult with a brand new guest – this is prime time to discover the guests’ concerns about her hair and set forth your knowledge and communication skills.

Numerous women have the perception they need to wear their hair a certain way at a certain age – old wives tales!  Several questions often come up:

  • "When should I cut my hair short?"
  • "Should my hair be fuller?  I want to disguise my…".

Client Consultation

The consultation you have with a woman in her 50's, 60's and 70's is no different than the consultation we experience with our younger guests.  It’s all about exploring who our guests really are, along with their hair wants and needs.  This is our chance to learn about complimenting their facial shape, features, hair texture, and lifestyle.

Let's take the 'number' out of the consultation and delve into finding out what our guest is all about.

The question you do not want to ask your guest:  What did you have in mind today?

The best question you can ask your guest:  What do you want to achieve with your hair?

This question will open the door to many discoveries and make it easy for you to discuss the needs and wants of your guest.  Dive into her personality to find out how she cares for & styles her hair along with her likes and dislikes about her hair. Below are some sample question you can ask during the consultation:

  • What type of job does she have?
  • Does she do a lot of socializing?
  • What are her morning hair rituals?
  • Is she savvy at styling her own hair?
  • Does she use tools and styling products?
  • What does she like about her hair?
  • What has she had done to her hair in the past that she liked?
  • What has she had done to her hair in the past that she disliked?
  • What restrictions do you have as her stylist in cutting her hair.

Listen carefully to her answers. – you are looking for that “piece of truth.”  Watch for her eyes to light up when she speaks – this is your key to what she really likes about her hair and what she was happy with and is currently happy about her hair.  Repeat what you hear from back to your guest to confirm what you heard and understand.  If you are hearing a lot of “well, yeah” answers, keep digging until you get that piece of truth, that key word, that positive response that sounds like, "Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for!"

Client Consultation

Another important question to ask:  Is it a priority to maintain your length?

They may answer by stating they are very active, they work out, and they want the option of pulling their hair back away from their face.  They may state they want to have options for several looks (we like to call this double identity).  This is when you can discuss short hair and the options you can give to her by cutting her hair to allow for it to move back, up, down and forward – after this explanation she just may state that length is not necessarily a priority if the aforementioned can be achieved.

Once we get a clear understanding you will be able to reach a commitment.  She will be thrilled with the time you took with her and ultimately love what you create for her.  It is all about trust that adds the value to the appointment.