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How To Curl Your Hair With a Round Brush

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Thermal brushes are fundamental for conclusive finished results on medium to fine hair types. Have you ever thought about heating up the barrel of your thermal brush with the heat from your blow dryer prior to placing the brush into your sections?

The heated brush will affect the section immediately as it comes into contact with the hair. Case in point—as the heated brush barrel begins the drying process on the inside of the section, the heat of the dryer assures the drying process on the outside of the section. Double action=faster drying time!

NOTE: Be sure to watch part one and part two of our Foundation Blow Dry Series if you haven't watched those videos yet.


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How to Curl With Your Round Brush & Blow Dryer
  • Once your have your section completely dry, point the top side of the brush to the head.




  • Proceed to unwrap the brush out of the section in the same direction that you wrapped the section while drying.




HOT TIP: Be sure to maintain a tight coil while unwrapping.

  • Once the section is unwrapped, immediately apply a light mist of Redken triple take 32 to the entire section.
  • Pick up the secti on with your index finger and overlap with the opposite index finger.
  • Begin a swaying motion, rocking back and forth to wrap the section to the head in a barrel curl.
  • Secure the curl with a dry sectioning clip to allow the section to cool and rest. Why this clip? These professionally designed clips provide maximum grip on dry hair without leaving any lines of demarcation.




This technique makes perfect sense and the end results are outstanding when going for a definite curl pattern in your blow dry. The key is the cooling and resting period to ensure long lasting curl pattern.

Stay tuned for part four as we show you how to apply mousse prior to blow drying the hair.