How To Create Ribbon Curls With A Flat Iron - Sam Villa

How To Create Ribbon Curls With A Flat Iron

Using a professional straightening iron to make ribbon curls may seem like a hassle, but in fact it is easier than you might think.

The heat from the Sam Villa SLEEKR® Flat Iron makes creating a curl simple (and snag-free because of the curved & rounded plates). With a few tips and tricks you'll never need to use a curling iron again.

The Ribbon Curl technique creates a more relaxed curl with a sense of laziness, soft expansion, but not too coiffed. The idea is to stretch hair with heat - due to the placement and wrap technique, when hair is removed, it bounces back and is curled. Think of the ribbons on gifts that are stretched with a scissor and then curl up once released.

Hot Tip: When taking sections - the larger the section, the softer the curl. The smaller the section, the more defined the curl. So, a ¼" section would yield a tight curl and a 1" section a more relaxed curl.

Ribbon Curl Technique - Step by Step

  1. Take a medium size section 1" in length and ½" in width and prep with Redken iron silk 07 ultra straightening spray.
  2. Hold section in left hand.
  3. Hold the Sam Villa Signature SLEEKR Flat Iron, in right hand with the iron vertical and palm facing head.
  4. Pinch section at base, as you pinch, fold hand so palm faces you (still holding the section with left hand).
  5. Slowly slide iron down to the end of the hair shaft ad release hair - it will spring into a ribbon curl.
  6. Finish with Redken fashion work 12 versatile working spray.