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How To Blow Dry and Style a Pompadour - Men's Hairstyle

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How do we support the finished look of a pompadour without a lot of pomades, gels and waxes that result in shapes that do not move around?

How do we attain the look with more texture and volume and at the same time have it look light and airy with a good foundation?

What we want to offer you is an alternative styling technique utilizing tools and medium hold styling products that will ensure longevity of the style for our guests without the stiff touch, look and feel.

Knowing that styling products are a necessity, not an option, we begin knowing that ours model has fine hair that is color treated with high lift color.  A thermal protector is key for protection from the heat of the blow dryer to maintain the integrity of the cuticle as well as volumizing products that will also impart texture.

Tools of Choice

Product of Choice

  • Redken pillow proof blow dry express primer with heat protection.
  • Redken guts 10 volume spray foam - medium hold.
  • Redken mess around 10 disrupting cream paste - medium hold.
  • Redken control addict 28 high control hairspray.

Begin by setting the foundation to result in a natural fall to the finished look with a directional blow dry to dry the hair 15-20%.

  • Spritz the hair with water – you want the hair more wet than damp.
  • Shake Redken pillow proof primer well and spray evenly through wet hair.
  • Shake Redken guts 10 well and mist directly at the scalp for targeted volume, lifting each section as you go.
  • Evenly distribute both products through the hair with the Sam Villa Paddle Brush.
  • Pick up the Sam Villa Professional Ionic Hair Dryer with the nozzle attached, dryer on medium heat and medium airflow.
  • Begin your directional blow dry using the Sam Villa Paddle Brush.
    • Work from the base – the scalp area - in opposite directions to open the sections - back and forth, away from you then toward you.
  • Use small sections & slow strokes.

Next, move on to completing the blow dry by instilling movement into each section with the Sam Villa 9-Row Finishing Brush:

  • Amp up the blow dryer speed to high and begin to brush the hair toward you.
  • Come into the sections from underneath elevating up and away from the scalp to create lift at the base – about a 45 degree angle.
  • Utilize the first few rows of the bristles to capture each section from underneath for the best control and follow through utilizing all the bristles.
  • Continue throughout the top area with this technique.
  • Now, begin to capture the outside sections – pull and fold them into the middle – direct the outside inward.

You can now see there is a medium level of lift in the hair.  The pulling and folding of the outside sections incorporate a soft look with the element of movability as well as control and precision.  Light and airy texture has staying power due to the finishing products combined with the Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer.  The directional blow dry and maneuvering of the Sam Villa Paddle Brush set the foundation and the Sam Villa 9-Row Finishing brush completed the shape with added volume.

Finish this pompadour hairstyle with Redken mess around 10 disrupting cream-paste to add to the support already incorporated with Redken guts 10:

  • Place a small amount palms, emulsify by rubbing palms together quickly.
  • Be sure to place product onto fingertips.
  • Get in and sculpt the shape moving the hair around with fingertips.
  • Scrunch the shape in further paying attention to the front, profile and back to achieve balance.
  • Finish with Redken control addict 28 high hold hairspray.

What we have here is an elective to the mighty hold pomps where the shapes were muscled onto the hair with a ton of product.  While we offer this alternative finishing technique we trust you will agree that the result is a showcase of our craft.  We want our guests to walk away with a style that retains longevity – A fresh, polished look inclusive of light texture and airy volume.

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