11 Quick & Easy Headband Hairstyles For Naturally Curly Hair

Curly hair takes time and work, so the thought of washing curly hair every day seems draining. Other than it drying the hair out, there are many reasons to go 3-4 days in-between washes and headbands are the perfect hair accessory to make this process easier. So, when your hair is doing its own thing and frizz is taking over, add a headband to easily transform your hairstyle! We've put together 11 simple headband hairstyles for naturally curly hair.

Headband Hairstyles For Just Washed Curly Hair

Get the Pink Pewter "Charity" Gold Cross-Section Rhinestone Headband here.

Get the Pink Pewter "Poppy" Copper Beaded Headband Stretch Band

Get the Pink Pewter "Amber" Silver & Gold Headband here.

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Headband Hairstyles For Second Day Curly Hair

Taking the hair to side is perfect for heading to the pool, out with friends and even for work! HOT TIP: Don't forget about your dry shampoo!!!! 

Get the Pink Pewter "Angelina" Silver Paisley Rhinestone Headband here.

Get the Pink Pewter "Amber" Silver & Gold Headband here.

Get the Pink Pewter "Harley" Blue Beaded Stretch Band Headband here.

Headband Hairstyles For Lived-In Curly Hair

By days 3-4, these headband hairstyles are perfect for keeping the hair out of your face while allowing you that extra day in-between washes!

Get the Pink Pewter "Polly" Gold Beaded Stretch Band Headband here.

Learn how to create a rolled chignon.

Pulling your hair into a simple ponytail along with a cute headband always does the trick.

Finally, put your hair up into a simple bun and add a thin headband to finish off your hairstyle until you can jump in the shower and repeat the 3-5 days of wearing a headband :)

We know that we're not the only ones loving headbands right now! What ways do you like to wear a headband to accessorize your hairstyle?

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