The Best Way To Blow Dry Fine Hair To Achieve More Volume

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Fine hair is one of the most difficult textures to blow dry and create a sense of volume.

If you have fine hair, you know exactly what I'm talking about. My fine-haired friends, you don't have to worry about lifeless and limp hair anymore!

In this video tutorial you will learn a blow drying technique that will plump up the hair shaft, creating maximum volume where you need it most - at the roots -then you'll learn how to finish with your blow dryer and a round brush to achieve beautiful volume with a smooth and polished finish.

Let's get started.

Step 1: Take The Nozzle Off

Fine hair needs to be roughed up. While your hair is still damp, remove the nozzle from your blow dryer and rough dry or "blast dry" your fine hair without using a brush.

Removing the nozzle will cause the hair shaft to fatten up and since the hair cuticle is expanding...we are adding volume and texture! Continue to blast dry the hair until your hair is approximately 80% dry.

Step 2: Apply Your Styling Product(s)

After your hair is about 80% dry, we recommend using Redken’s Aerate 08 All-Over Bodifying Cream Mousse to add in extra volume.

Apply the product from back to front, where there is more mass of hair, creating a less weighted down finish.

Step 3: Blow Dry With The Nozzle On To Finish

Now you're ready to finish you blow dry.

Place the concentrator nozzle back on your dryer, pick up your thermal round brush (excellent for fine hair) and finish setting the volume in your crown area. Continue to round brush until your hair is completely dry.

Once you finish blow drying pick up your Sam Villa Sleekr® Straightening Iron to add incredible shine and polish your ends! Finally, set your hairstyle with Redken’s Quick Dry 18 Instant Finishing Hair Spray.

This hairspray will keep you looking good all day long without weighing your hair down!

Watch the video for a full demonstration and please leave your comment in the box below.