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Tips for Styling a Messy Bob Hairstyle

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So you finally took a leap and cut your locks into that beautiful, textured bob but now you are thinking, "how the heck do I style my hair!"Smooth, sleek and perfectly placed hair is so last season and now we need to think, the messier the better!

Yes, messy hair! Seems simple but there are some tips and tricks to help make this look happen in minutes!!!!

First things first, PRODUCT!

Product is not an option, it's a necessity!

With short messy hair, you need to create texture, volume and pliability!

Products Needed:

Lets get started!

  • Spray Redken Guts 10 in the palm of your hand and comb the product through your hair with hands. This will add texture and hold.
  • Use your Ionic Blow Dryer and Thermal Styling Brush to blow dry your hair making sure you stay in control by sectioning your hair. (Click here for the tutorial on sectioning, SO important). Dont worry about getting your hair perfectly beveled and straight. Remember we are going for messy so dont spend too much time just make sure your hair is dry!
  • Once you finish blow drying your hair, section the hair again like you did above and begin to curl the entire head with your flat iron. (click here to watch the video on how to create beach waves with a flat iron.)
  • After the entire head is curled, run your fingers through your hair to separate the waves.
  • Take about a dime size amount of Redkens Mess Around 10, rub into the palms of your hands then scrunch into the hair. Feel free to rub a small amount of the paste on your fingers and piece out parts of your hair. This will create the chunky look.
  • Shake your hair out with hands and spray the ends with Redkens Wind Blown. This will create a windswept effect on your hair while adding more volume!
  • Finish by spraying Redkens Control Addict 28 to lock in your style!

If you hair falls slightly flat, just shake your hair out with hands, no need to add more product or hairspray! This basically wakes your products back up!

HOT TIP: Before going to bed, spray your roots with dry shampoo! This will prevent any oils to build up at night!

If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the box below.

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