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Day to Night Hairstyle | Mohawk Braid into Fishtail Bun

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My name is Laura Kaszoni but most know me as "lalasupdos" on Instagram and Facebook. I am a stylist and educator for bridal and braided hairstyles. My work has been featured in publications and websites such as New Hair Trends Magazine, Beauty Launchpad Magazine, Modern Salon, Behind The Chair, American Salon, Hot By Hair's How and more.

A mohawk hairstyle can easily set you apart from the crowd. There are endless options on how to style a mohawk and because braids are very trendy this year, I decided to create a braided mohawk style. This look works great for casual and formal occasions, which is why I turn the braids into an updo at the end of the tutorial. Both styles are completely secure by the strength of the texture created by using the Professional Textur Texturizing Iron.

How To Create a Faux Mohawk Braid with Lots of Texture Volume

Begin on clean, dry hair. Take sections no wider than the width of your iron (1/4'' - 1/2'') and use the Sam Villa Textur Iron from scalp to ends. For clients with fine, thin hair, I recommend that you over direct each section when you texturize the hair at the base - that will give extra lift and volume on the scalp.

If you have any doubts that this the right tool for you to create texture and volume, I think this picture talks for itself. You can visibly see the difference between the side where the texturizing iron was used, and the other half where nothing has been textured!

Once you finish texturizing the whole head, make sure you brush the hair out. This will make the hair easier to work with and will help add more volume.

Section the hair into a curved rectangle in your top section, two side sections from the front hairline to the corner back area and one section in the back of the head down to the nape.

Begin with the side sections creating two small French braids on each side, one on top of the other.

Clip the side French braids to the hair in the back without securing them with an elastic (we'll add these to our top braid soon).

Next, take the top section and create a French braid. Once you reach the back of the head where the side braids meet up, unclip them and incorporate those braids into your top French braid. I like to use a French braid on the top because it allows me to achieve a bigger/taller look, versus a fishtail braid which sits closer to the head.

Once you cannot add any more hair into the French braid, switch the braiding technique into a fishtail braid and continue all the way to the ends.

Starting at the bottom of the braid, begin pulling thin sections of the braid out. Continue doing this in the top section until you achieve your desired volume. The more you pull, the bigger the braid will be.

Hot Tip: Do not secure the braid with an elastic until you are done pulling the braid out. This will give you theflexibility to pull as much hair as you want.

Finish off the look with a flexible or medium hold hair spray.

Hair bands and accessories are very trendy this year. Add your signature and enhance your styles by adding unique hair jewelry.

Day To Night Transition

Now let's take this hairstyle from day to night by simply turning the mohawk into an updo!

Twist the fishtail braid clockwise until it turns into a bun and use bobby pins/hair pins to secure the style.

You are now ready to party!

If you would like to learn more about the art of up-styling and braiding, I would love to see you in one of my workshops. I post regular updates about my upcoming classes, on my Instagram, Facebook page and my website

If you recreate any of these looks, please tag #lalasupdos #samvilla - we would love to see your work.