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Sam Villa® Co-Founder

Redken Global Artistic Ambassador

Sam Villa® Creative Director

 Art-Ed Director Jose Luis Salon

Sam Villa®
ArTeam Member

Sam Villa®
ArTeam Member

 Owner re: TREAT Salon

Sam Villa®
ArTeam Member

 Master Stylist Lunatic Fringe

Sam Villa®
ArTeam Member

 Master Stylist Lunatic Fringe

Sam Villa

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer Sam Villa Co. / Redken Global Artistic Ambassador

Teresa Romero

Creative Director Sam Villa Co. / Art-Ed Director Jose Luis Salon

Jesse Linares

ArTeam Member Sam Villa Co.

Anna Peters

ArTeam Sam Villa Co. / Owner re:TREAT Salon

Ellen Devine

ArTeam Sam Villa Co. / Master Stylist Lunatic Fringe

Roger Molina

ArTeam Sam Villa Co. / Master Stylist Lunatic Fringe

What Is Thrive-On?

Imagine the art of hairdressing education through positive expansion that allows a Beauty Professional to thrive on. At Sam Villa we continue to evolve online and in-person education that inspires Beauty Professionals to cultivate a fulfilling career. Our education team desires to pass along our combined hairdressing expertise so Beauty Professionals can experience growth in their technical and business skill sets, so they can thrive in all aspects of life.

Education is the pathway to success and the Sam Villa Education team is collectively committed to the Beauty Professional. We want to elevate our industry by sharpening and expanding skillsets while additionally promoting the health of Beauty Professionals, so they can have a long and pain-free career. We aim to equip Professionals with the knowledge to adequately protect their bodies by using ergonomically designed tools created by Sam Villa.

“The world had been shaken by forces beyond our control. 2020 left us humbled, but also resilient and determined. We witnessed modern science and technology achieve incredible life-saving innovations in record time, and it changed us all. We’ll never be the same, we’re now centered in genuine and authentic experiences with positive pursuits, and it’s all-inclusive and amazing!” – Sam Villa

Now is the time to Thrive On.
Share – Care – Grow

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Sam Villa Thrive-On classes range from $3,500-$8,500 per day depending on date and artist selected.

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