Detailing Around The Ear With a Blending Shear | Men's Haircut - Sam Villa

Detailing Around The Ear With a Blending Shear | Men's Haircut

Brace yourself!

Do you find yourself in an awkward position when you go to trim around the ears on a short haircut? Yes, the position that feels uncomfortable and looks as though you are exercising a yoga position that does not exist!

Andrew Carruthers, Cultural Ambassador for Sam Villa has the smooth move that will get your body in a natural cutting position and make detailing around the ears simple.

Recommended Tools For Success

Sam recently shared a tip with us on how to clean up longer hair that sits on top and behind the ears utilizing the comb to hold the ear down. This technique is an alternate that may serve best for short hair. Now, lets talk about how to detail around the ears with a blending shear.

How To Detail Around The Ear With a Blending Shear

  • Place the pads of your middle and ring fingers underneath your cutting comb toward the narrow teeth of the comb to expose the wide teeth of the comb the end you will use to comb the hair.
  • Place the nails of your pinky and index fingers on top of the comb.
  • The comb is now braced and your thumb is free to hold the ear down.
  • Brace the ear down with your thumb - The ear is now safely out of the way to begin cutting.
  • Slide the comb down the scalp at the back if the ear.
    • This movement will force the longer hairs out for easy clean up.
  • Pick up your Reversible Blending Shear with the blunt blade facing upward and the teeth facing toward the head.
    • This position influences the hair to move toward the scalp.
  • Trim away the hairs that are out of place from the perimeter shape.
  • Move to the top of the ear and then to the front of the ear and apply the same technique.
  • The hair that sits in front of the ear does not need to be braced - cut this area freehand unless the hair grows forward, then apply the bracing.

Utilizing a blending shear for this technique results in soft edges. You can use a blunt shear as well, resulting in a harder line. Click here to learn more about the Sam Villa Reversible Blending Shear.

Check out this video for another way to use your blending or thinning shears.