How To Get Maximum Volume & Texture Without Backcombing or Round Brushing Your Hair

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Modernize your backcombing! That'’s right, the days of backcombing are done and outdated! Not only does that tend to break the hair but also leaves a knotted and tangled mess! We’'ve got a technique that requires no backcombing, prevents breakage and leaves the hair tangle free! Create instant volume, especially in fine hair, which will last through out the day as well!

Products Needed:

  • Redken’s Iron Shape 11 thermal heat spray: Because we will be using heat, It’'s important to always use a thermal spray to protect your hair from any heat damage.
  • Redken’s Control Addict 28: We want this volume to last all day, using an extra hold hairspray is key!
  • Sam Villa TEXTUR® Iron: This is the tool we will be using to create amazing volume!
  • Sam Villa Large Tooth Comb: Great for sectioning the hair.
  • Sam Villa Styling Brush: Use this brush for smoothing out and detangling the hair.


How To Create Volume in the Crown Area

  • Starting in the crown area, use your large tooth comb create a horizontal section.
  • Think about where you want to place the volume. Just like you would if you were backcombing your hair.
  • Important: Work with narrow sections! This will enable you to create deeper texure that will hold longer.
  • Spray your first section with a thermal heat spray from at least 6" away from the hair.
  • Elevate your section straight up from the head and slide your Textur Iron in as close to the scalp as you can get without burining yourself. Compress the iron and hold for a six count then release.

TIP: Don’t worry about seeing the crimping pattern, we will cover that up with your hair

  • Take another horizontal section, mist with your thermal heat spray, compress and repeat until you have texturized all of the sections in your crown area.
  • Take the top portion of your selection (the part that’s not textured) and place it over the textured hair.
  • Gently brush over your hair using a styling brush to smooth it out.
  • Push the textured section up with your fingertips for added volume and spray with a high control hairspray to lock the texture into place.


To Create Volume at the Sides

  • Take a horseshoe section around your head near your temples.
  • Take a vertical section beginning at the front of your hairline; make sure you begin at least two fingers away from your hairline to keep the volume hidden.
  • You'll work with vertical sections that are about 1/2" thick and not taller than the height of the plates on your iron.
  • Pull the hair straight out horizontally from your scalp and mist the hair with a thermal heat spray - comb through.
  • Slide the textur iron over the section, getting as close to the scalp as possible without buring yourself, and compress for a 6 count then release.
  • Repeat the steps above all the way around your head to create volume that shoots out from the scalp.
  • Run your fingers through the textured sections, slightly massaging the scalp. This will disrupt the texture and add even more volume.
  • Spray the hair with a high control hairspray and then let the hair above fall down over your textured hair to cover the hidden volume.

TIP: Comb through the hair after you use your thermal spray for even product distribution.

Let's recap:  To create volume on the sides of your head, work with vertical sections. To create volume in the crown or back area, work with horizontal sections.

Now that you have learned to create volume at the crown with your Textur Iron, check out this video tutorial from the MM&L Show,  on how to create volume in fine hair.