French Braided Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorial - Sam Villa

French Braided Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorial

When creating looks, I tend to always lean towards blending genres, techniques, eras, etc. For Lacey's updo, I wanted to create a fashion forward look that was wearable but had silhouette purpose. I knew this style was the winning combination to create another rendition of our #biggestbraid series!!

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Using the Sam Villa Textur Iron allowed me to create maximum fullness to the hair created an amazing texture!  It truly is one of the prettiest, most malleable volumizing textures I've ever worked with! I wanted to create an updo that was fun but sophisticated while at the same time, allowing the client to wear her hair off of her shoulders to showcase any gorgeous winter coats, collars or scarves. This look is fabulous, chic yet textured can be seen from across the room. It makes you want to say, "who IS that girl?!". Begin by texturizing the entire head using the Sam Villa Texturizing Iron from scalp to ends. This will create maximum volume in the hair which is absolutely necessary when creating any pompadour hairstyle.

Smooth through the hair with the Sam Villa Paddle Brush. The hair will not "poof" out, so no worries, it will just blend nicely. Place your client into a comfortable position by having her lean forward hold her chin in her hands while resting her elbows on her knees. Now that your guest is comfortable, create a traditional French braid in the center nape veering off to the right or left eyebrow on your way up so it has a diagonal feel.

Continue braiding the hair all the way to the end, ensuring that you are keeping the braid clean polished. Secure the ends with a clear elastic. From there, simply fold the braid back on itself and play with its positioning until you are happy with the overall shape, then pin the hair. Due to the massive texture, you may need to use roller pins (large bobby pins) instead of regular bobby pins to pin the braid down securely.

Hot Tip: Do not open your bobby pins. Simply push them right in diagonally against the hair direction. You should only need 3-4 large pins and maybe a couple smaller ones at the tail area. Be sure to tuck the tail under itself so it is not visible.

Spray with a working or finishing spray to set the hairstyle into place.  Let broken or baby hairs at the ear/temple fly free and mist them with a little hairspray for a fresh look. Don't try to shellac them into the style with hair spray. The flyaways add a natural vibe to a very polished look which modernizes the style and makes it look pretty. Hopefully you love this hairstyle as much as we all do! You HAVE to tag me on Instagram if you create this look on a client or friend or even on your fabulous self!!! I want to see! :)

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I have a few hands on braid bridal hair workshops coming up very soon! One in Santa Rosa, CA, one in Phoenix, AZ another in Pittsburgh, PA. Feel free to contact me via my website for any info! You can also comment anywhere on my Instagram for information! I always post on my Instagram where I'll be heading to next!!

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Be sure to check back next month for more step by step tutorials. You're going to love the amazing looks that we are creating just for you!