How To Add Pliability To Straight Hair - Shear Slicing - Sam Villa

How To Add Pliability To Straight Hair - Shear Slicing

Need to add pliability to bone-straight hair? Sam’s slicing technique is great when you want to create shattered edges and diffuse blunt edges:

  • Once you determine where you want to add the texture, pick up your section and hold it between your fingers.
  • Now determine the degree of shortness you want to achieve – the further down the section you hold the hair between your fingers will determine the degree of length of your slice.
  • Place the section over your hand.
  • Slightly open the professional shear blades and bring the shear all the way back to the top of your fingers.
  • Now, slice out away from you.
  • Continue across the section and then move on to other sections until you have removed the edges from the sections of the head in need.

This technique is great for either of Sam’s wet cutting shears; 5.75” or 6.25”. The convex blades really allow you to get a beautiful sharp slice!