How To Blow Dry Short Hair for a Textured Finish

Is there anything sexier than short hair that looks lived-in and full of texture? Thanks to the natural texture movement that we're seeing in hair right now, it's made styling shorter hairstyles effortless and less time consuming. In fact, it almost seems like the messier the style is, the better.

Short hair is definitely the new long. Juliana Hough, Selena Gomez, Katie Holmes, Mindy Kaling, J-Lo, Katy Perry and so many more celebrities cut their hair into lobs and shorter this year. However, the best thing to come from this trend was the !

So how do you style your newly cut bob, lob or pixie to really bring out the textured look? Check out the and the steps below and create that perfect textured finish!

Tools Needed For Success

  • Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer: This blow dryer is extremely lightweight (under 1 pound), it has ionic & ceramic properties which will help to lay down fly-aways & frizz and create more shine and finally, the short barrel and ergonomic design makes drying your hair easy on your wrist, shoulder & body.
  • Sam Villa Long Styling Comb: Strong, flexible and a seamless design for smooth combing without snagging or dragging, this comb also features a parting pick for simple sectioning.
  • Redken Pillow Proof 2-day extender: This not only speeds up your blow dry time but also helps prevent frizz and protects your hair from the heat.
  • Redken Rewind 06 pliable styling paste: This fiber based paste has a medium control and leaves the hair flexible and re-workable.

How To Create The Textured Look

  • Begin by using a blow dry primer. This will speed up your blow-dry time, prevent breakage and protect from heat. Spray all of your hair and comb the product through for even distribution.
  • Using your Sam Villa Long Styling Comb, create a deep side part.
  • Use a small amount of Redken Rewind 06 pliable styling paste and distribute throughout the ends of your hair.
  • Next, grab your blow dryer and focus the airflow in the direction you want the hair to go. Instead of using a round brush or paddle brush, use your fingers for a natural textured finish.
  • Hot Tip: Use your fingers to twist the hair as you blow dry to create more texture and separation.
  • After the hair is dry, if needed, add a little more Redken Rewind 06 to the ends to achieve that textured look we are going for.

Hot Tip: Do not comb the product through out the hair! Instead, apply product in a twisting motion with your fingertips.

Simple enough right? Just remember, the hair doesn't have to be placed perfectly...the messier the better!

Do you have a favorite product to add more texture to your short hair?

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