How To Create Beach Waves with a Flat Iron

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A loose wave texture is quick and easy with the Sam Villa Sleekr® iron.

  • Use a horizontal section to part off the top and crown areas (these can be combined into one area)- clip this hair up loosely
  • Take another horizontal section from top of the ear to top of the ear on the other side to separate the back and sides from the nape area - clip this hair up loosely
  • Take a vertical section in the nape and elevate hold the hair out at about 90 degrees horizontal - size of section depends on how much curl you want and the density of hair- smaller sections for thicker hair or if you want more curl - for this look we suggest 2-3 large section in the nape
    - Spray each section with Redken Spray Starch 15 before ironing for hold and heat protection
  • Hold the Sleekr at a parallel angle to your section, place over the section *DO NOT close the iron at this point
  • With the iron still open, flip the iron 180 degrees and as you move the iron down the section begin closing softly *more stubborn hair textures will require more tension * the speed you move through the section also determines how much curl you get - faster= less curl, slower = more curl
  • Unclip the back and sides
  • Use the exact same method as you did in the nape * vary the direction (towards the face or away from the face) that you flip the iron through the back and sides but make sure you are turning the iron away from the face on the front section
  • Unclip your final area at the top and crown- in the crown area, your sections will be pie shaped to maintain your vertical section angle
  • Repeat! *don't worry too much about the base of your section, remember, a hat is going over top of the finished look - focus on the midshaft and ends
  • Finish by raking your fingers through the waves to break it up and make it look more lived in
  • Spray with Redken Control Addict 28 so the waves can survive the blustery early fall eveningsAs we have practiced this technique, we've found that it only takes about 7-10 minutes for a full head of waves and it's a great way to add value to your service. Have fun and enjoy this beautiful time of year.