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How to blend choppy layers hair [VIDEO]

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When it comes to cutting layers into hair, you have many options. Point cutting is an excellent technique for adding adding layers that are pliable, but the devil is in the details.

The way that you hold your section when you point cut in relationship to the angle of your shear will determine if your layers look chunky or not.

Watch this video and discover the easiest way to fan the hair so you can point cut to create perfect layers in the hair that are noticeable and not choppy at all.

The most effective way to create noticeable layers without making the edges appear choppy is by point cutting with shears that can cut deep into the hair. Sounds easy enough, right? It is if you understand the proper hand position, shear position and angle of your shears while point cutting.

Let's review the three areas you need to focus on while point cutting.

Fanning The Hair: the easiest way to point cut is to start with the hair in a fanned out position. To fan the hair simply lift your section straight up with the hair between your index and middle finger. Your thumb should be directly behind your index finger. Then all you need to do is bend your fingers, almost like you're making a fist, and the hair will fan.

Shear Position: when point cutting, your shear should begin and remain parallel with the floor. Keeping the shear parallel with the ground reduces weight. If you go in at an angle with your shear it will notch the hair, removing length and creating a choppy edge.

Point Cutting Technique: with the section of hair fanned and your shear at a parallel position, you are ready to point cut. To point cut, remember to keep your shear stationary and rotate the fanned hair to the shear. This will ensure that you are removing weight and the end result will be beautiful soft layers. If you move your shear and keep the fanned hair stationary, you will create more of a choppy edge.