How To Get Shakira's Curls - Sam Villa

How To Get Shakira's Curls

Cutting naturally curly hair is all about keeping the integrity of the hair, the right technique can ensure that volume is created where desired, instead of frizz.

Shakira’s curls always seem to be sculpted and controlled whether they'’re light and airy or condenses and springy. Try the Spacing Texture cutting technique on your next curly haired client to tame volume and frizz.

  1. Take a section of hair about 2.5 inches wide where you want the volume to be, and comb through it.
  2. Use the #3 finger technique (wrap hair around middle finger while holding it in place with the ring and pointer finger) at about mid shaft.
  3. As you slide your fingers up the hair shaft (pulling hair towards the ceiling) the hair will wrap around your finger. Touch shears to the hair around finger and open and close them as you pull away from the hair – this technique cuts hair in an erratic pattern lending itself to volume. The wider you open your shears, the more hair you will cut, and the less you open, less hair is cut. Do this in a left to right and then right to left pattern.

Watch Sam Villa demonstrate the Spacing Texture technique in the video: