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Jude Law's Tapered Haircut How To

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Spotted – Jude Law at Wimbledon (in the royal box no less) with a freshly shorn head cropped as short as the grass courts.

While a clipper may seem like the way to go, try picking up your reversible blending shears and a comb instead.


  1. Using the wide teeth of the short cutting comb work vertically against the grain of the hair in about 1 inch sections.
  2. Hold the Sam Villa reversible blending shear with the solid blade on the bottom, over the comb.
  3. Slowly move the comb around the shape of the head while opening and closing the shears quickly.
  4. Repeat on that same section until the hair is the length you desire.

This technique removes a fair amount of hair without leaving hard lines, just soft texture. The key is to move the comb slowly and the shears quickly.

A cut this short usually lasts about 4 weeks, and for added value, you’ll prebook them for a complimentary 5-minute edge cleanup at 2 weeks.

"This shave feels more expensive because the edges are tapered down very softly, so it doesn't look like it was done with a clipper and a guard. Reason 1 not to just throw a guard on your clipper and go to town – anyone can do that at home. Reasons 2 – it's harder to adjust for the imperfections of the scalp. Scissor over comb gives you WAY more control and sets you apart from the crowd," explains Andrew Carruthers, Cultural Ambassador for Sam Villa.

Side Note: If you’'re tying a shaved look into a beard, simply reverse the taper where the hairline meets the beard and fade from the short sides into the length of the beard.