How To Quickly Create A Zigzag Part - Sam Villa

How To Quickly Create A Zigzag Part

Creating a zigzag section for haircutting used to be time consuming - we fumbled our combs, dropped them and then had to start allover again. Not anymore! Sam teaches us a speedy technique that is especially useful for creating a deconstructed look when cutting naturally curly hair:

To create a horizontal zigzag part:

  1. Comb the hair back.
  2. Working with the wide teeth of your comb, place your comb in vertically.
  3. Keep the teeth right up against the head.
  4. Now, simply move the comb in an up and downward stroke.
  5. Once you have moved from front to back, take your finger and slice where you choose to have the zigzag section.
  6. Comb the section up and you'll see it!

Using this technique for cutting naturally curly hair results in the hair falling naturally textured!

You can use this technique as well for a vertical zigzag part by placing your comb in the opposite direction - horizontally - and apply the same technique as above. So very simple and quick - works like a charm every time!