How To Remove Weight From Thick Hair - Sam Villa

How To Remove Weight From Thick Hair

It's all about detached haircuts! Sam gives us a clear view on removing weight resulting in his "hidden secret" without losing length.

This effortless technique is done in a snap:

  1. Isolate the top of the hair.
  2. Create a horseshoe section in the back of the head.
  3. Elevate the hair to the desired end-result length.
  4. The higher you elevate, the longer the length.
  5. Cut horizontally with your professional shear.

When the hair is released you will see the short-to-long area that now confirms to the head shape.

What Sam cuts here is completely hidden when you drop the rest of the hair over the horseshoe section. The end result creates balance and a more pleasing shape without removing too much length!

This is a great technique for our clients with really thick hair who have challenges managing their blow-dries.