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How To Straighten Hair Quicker With Better Results (Save Time Without Losing Quality)

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how to straighten hair

Save time while straightening hair without jeopardizing the quality of your work. It’s all about being efficient!

Watch Andrew Carruthers, Cultural Ambassador for Sam Villa share the tips and tricks of straightening hair quicker, while getting better results!


The first way to save time when straightening is a technique we call “skip the clip”. It may seem simple but by eliminating the use of clips, we can save a substantial amount of time!


The positioning of the head is crucial when eliminating the use of clips! Be sure to let your clients know they’ll need to slightly tilt their head forward while you straighten their hair. This will allow the hair to naturally fall forward, and towards the face.

To begin the technique:

  • Tilt the clients head forward (about 45 degrees).
  • Find the center back of the head by placing your Sam Villa Signature Series Short Cutting Comb on a horizontal at the crown.
    • The center is the point at which the middle of the comb is touching the head and balanced (similar to using a level when hanging a photo)!
  • Starting at the center top of the crown, use Sam Villa Signature Series Short Cutting Comb to divide the left from the right, ending at the nape
  • Push the right side out of the way
    • At this point, turn on Sam Villa Sleekr Flat Iron (The one used in this video is the Limited Edition Turquoise Skeekr).
  • Starting 3-inches up from the nape on the center part, carve out a diagonal forward section ending at the bottom of the left ear.
    • Set aside all other hair.
  • Hold the section out and lightly mist the section with Redken Iron Shape 11.
    • Remember: product is a necessity!
  • Comb through the section using your comb for even distribution of product.
  • Hold out the section at a 45 degree angle and place the comb about 3-inches down from the root (use the width of the iron) with the teeth facing out.
  • Clamp your Sleekr Flat Iron down directly above the comb, mirroring the 45 degree angle.
  • Glide the comb down to the ends using a slight bend, as you follow with the Sleekr Flat Iron.
    • Hot tip: using a bevel will allow the ends to bend inward avoiding stick-straight, or "broomstick-like" ends.
  • Allow the section to cool down fully!
  • Repeat this technique to complete the entire head.

Sleekr Iron


There are some cases where a clip is necessary when cutting hair. We understand that sometimes it is more beneficial to use clips versus not especially when working with thick hair.

That’s why we created Sam Villa Dry Sectioning Clips. Often times we use traditional clips that have divets which create dents in the hair. Our Dry Cutting Clips have a urethane band which helps to hold the hair flat keeping it smooth while simultaneously holding the section in place. The urethane band will avoid those unwanted creases that challenge us when cutting dry hair!


Next time you’re flat ironing your guests hair, set aside your clips and practice this technique in 4 easy steps: Diagonal forward section, mist with Redken Iron Shape 11, place in your comb, and glide your iron down to the ends using a slight bevel!

We hope these tips have helped you gain time behind the chair while stepping up your skills behind the chair! Efficiency does not have to be a compromise.

Recommended Tools for this technique
sleekr iron

Signature Series
Sleekr Straightening Iron


Signature Series Short Cutting Comb

Signature Series
Short Cutting Comb


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