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How To Transform The Texture Of Hair Without Chemicals

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Hairdressers have been using chemicals to alter the surface of hair for years - color seals and adds shine, perms add curl and define, and straighteners calm and reduce frizz.

Now there's another option, the professional texturizing iron alters hair's texture and gives stylists the ability to expand a silhouette or alter the surface, instantly. This is a tool stylists can use to alter the surface of hair, to make it look and feel different, without using chemicals. It's not a mini crimper - it imparts a less noticeable impression due to its rails being closer together, shallower and rounded - so the texture can be worked into any style for interest and volume.

The Sam Villa TEXTUR® iron roughs up the cuticle and creates a foundation for curl and styling that really stays put.

Using the TEXTUR® Iron to Create Volume at the Base:

  • Spray hair with Redken Spray Starch 15 heat memory styler to provide thermal protection and to support hold, control and add thickness.
  • Compress horizontal sections at the base of the head where volume/shape is desired.

I love having a tool that can instantly change the shape of a silhouette - it's great for shows and shoots because it can transform hair quickly, without setting, blow drying or a chemical process, just compress the hair and you're done.

It's also a great substitute for backcombing, which usually doesn't hold without tons of spray - simply compress hair with the TEXTUR® iron to alter the surface of the cuticle, massage with fingers and it will last longer and look better than backcombing.