Ponytail Faux Hawk Tutorial

Cindy Duplantis's passion for the hairdressing industry has taken her all over the world as a Redken Artist and Educator sharing how to create easy, relatable, and strait forward techniques for hair stylists to take back to the salon and make their own. Cindy looks at all areas of our industry as inspirational and with her creative editorial work earned a coveted spot as a finalist at both the Contessa and Canadian Hairdresser Mirror Awards. We are so excited and honored to have Cindy be a guest blogger and have her share her talent and enthusiasm with all of you at home!

There's a faux hawk trend going on this season and I love it! Braided, twisted and messy faux hawks...the possibilities are endless! I am so excited to add a fun twist to the typical ponytail and incorporate the popular faux hawk. This look can be edgy, sexy and is wearable for anyone, so lets get it started!

Step-By-Step (watch the video to see how easy this look is to create)

1. Using a Sam Villa Paddle Brush and your Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer, directionally wrap dry your hair away from your face.

2. Starting from above the ear, use your Sam Villa Tail Comb to create your section over to the other side to above the ear.

3. Use clips to section and stay in control.

4. Use your Sam Villa Styling Brush along with Redken fashion work 12 to brush into place then secure with an elastic to create two ponytails.

5. Add a little back combing to the ends of your ponytail.

6. Starting with your first top ponytail, create a loop and secure with bobby pins. Put your finger into the loop and place flat to the head and secure down with bobby pins. With the leftover ends, split in two and run along the sides of the loop. For more of an edgier look leave more of the ends out.

7. Repeat the same loop as Step 6, with the ends create another loop to give the illusion of a third loop. With any extra ends leave them out to create a more textured look!

8. Finish the look with Redken control addict 28 hairspray to secure any fly aways!

That's it! Simple and fun, right? I can't wait to see your Ponytail Faux Hawks so remember to tag your Instagram pictures with #samvilla and tag @cindyduplantis & @samvillahair for your chance to be featured!

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