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Sam Villa Modern Heritage Haircut Collection

We are all greatly affected by our Heritage. The culture that we are raised in influences our taste as well as our Artistic Eye. The Sam Villa Creative Team inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2015 Education Collection is all about showcasing this hairdressing Heritage by reaching back to the looks we all loved from the late 60s/early 70s and blending in touches through the late 90s/early 2000s. By melting these influences together with a modern eye for design, we developed the Modern Heritage collection around the needs of the every day hairdresser.

We see this nostalgic influence in the fashion world as well. Designers have seized the retro mood and created a youthful blend of styles that dip into the past but keep the dialogue moving forward! At Sam Villa, we support you by interpreting these trends to impact your work in the salon.

Education is the foundation of Sam Villa and the Modern Heritage collection is no exception to this. Each haircut was carefully crafted to marry precision cutting techniques with progressive elements such as irregular patterns, compressed sections, and a triangular pinch. To engage the imagination and stay grounded in what guests are demanding in today's salon culture, the team utilized our favorite tools in unique ways to continue stretching the boundaries for an immediate salon relatable and usable approach.

Fringes continue to be a centerpiece, so we designed a diverse range of face framing ideas influenced by Fashion Week. Heavy doses of intentional texture leave weight and density in areas for diversity in silhouette and perimeter lines.

A focus on dimensional finishing brings multiple identities to a single shape. Nonchalance is the new luxury, therefore it's all about simple approaches to naturally crafted textures with intent and purpose. Quick transitions into lux evening looks are present in each design allowing you to create added value behind the chair.

We put "You First " in all aspects with the Modern Heritage Collection. Our passion is helping you grow artistically as well as giving you the tools to build a clientele of customer evangelists that sing your praises to their circle of influence.

The remarkable element of today's creativity is the rediscovery and reinterpretation of the most significant periods of the past. Modern Heritage finds us reminiscing as we celebrate being a hairdresser!

Over the next several months, we will be rolling out complete haircut videos so you can learn all of these looks and we're making it accessible affordable. Each haircut video will cost only $5! Now that's value. Scroll down to view the Modern Heritage collection.

Ruby embraces the essence of the 70s with short detached surface layers and extended perimeter lengths. Imagine taking the best part of that free spirited rock roll era and infusing that info today's clientele! View the step by step haircut for the Ruby by clicking here. To stream download the Ruby haircut video, click here.