How To Create Scattered Graduation & Texture - Short Razor Haircut Tutorial - Sam Villa

How To Create Scattered Graduation & Texture - Short Razor Haircut Tutorial

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There are many ways to achieve both balance and function in a haircut and why not get it done with an unconventional technique? Changing it up will certainly create excitement not only for your client, but also for other stylists in the salon we guarantee they are all going to want to watch you create Controlled Chaos!

In the first razor haircut video we learned about dividing partings within rectangles sections and cutting short to long in opposite directions for the sides and back. Remember? Sam worked with horizontal partings to build weight.

We continue cutting with a razor in this technique for the top and you will see Sam using vertical partings inside his rectangle sections. Wait until you see the end result...

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We want you to really pay attention to the detail in this haircut video, but don't overthink it! With virtually no guidelines you may be thinking, "how do I control this cut?" Once again, Sam cleverly uses his clips as his means of control .

The clips are inserted into previous cut sections to keep him on point. The ends of the clips are like arrows pointing in the direction he needs to go. The clips also serve as your measurement for over-direction. This is how you control the chaos!

In the first video, Sam used short strokes with his razor to build weight and shape for the sides and back.

In this video, you will see Sam using medium strokes to achieve scattered graduation of texture. Watch how Sam stays stationary and moves the chair for each cut. this gives you control in the chaos! Keeping the palm of your hand that is holding the hair up/facing you is also important as this position allows you to control the razor. You need to be able to see the edge you are cutting and it is a much more ergonomic cutting position for your body and wrist.

The simple blow dry can be done with your hands, a comb for more direction or a paddle brush. Begin with a medium hold mousse and once dry apply medium to strong hold pastes to really show off the interior texture of the hair!

The end result is loose texture that really pops! You can really see the short pieces that compliment the long - it almost looks like it was cut freehand, but Sam was very much in control – Controlled Chaos!