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Top Summer Hairstyles and Hair Color Trends for 2014

Trends come and go pretty quickly these days. We are inundated with information from Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and other social media markets. So, how do you sift through and take ownership of the most important trends for summer? Sam Villa to the rescue! We've done the sifting for you, so here's what is hot this summer (pun intended).

Top Hairstyle and Haircut Trends for Summer 2014 by Andrew Carruthers, Cultural Ambassador for Sam Villa

Even though it's summer, lengths are not being cropped quite as short. Perimeters are staying longer and looser to create a feeling of movement. Take the infamous "lob" for an example... This look is still holding strong and the key to owning the look is that perfect lived in texture and grown out perimeter length.


Texture is a major part of achieving that perfect summer swing. We are not returning to the late '90s/early 2000's where everything was shredded to a point of pure wispiness. The texture is focused on the mids and ends of the hair and it's done in a way to maintain the density on the interior of the shape.


Crop that fringe! Short fringe with vandalized textures are replacing the all popular sweeping fringe as the freshest way to frame your face. How short??? As far as you dare. If a wide shape won't suit your features, cropping out over one eye and leaving a detached area on the opposite side allows you to have both options. Blow dry so that the short side is exposed gives the look drama but if your feeling like you want to sport a softer look, blow dry the long side across to mask the short area. Curls, curls, curls. The good news is that perfect curl is out and loose natural movement is in. Focus on haircuts that relieve weight from the sides and leave a little weight in the ends. The weight in the ends will keep your length from shrinking up and releasing the weight from the sides will allow fullness in the round of the head without creating an afro on the top.

"Double Identity" is the term we use instead of versatility and your summer look is going to need to have more identities than a con artist! Long hair is great for creating double identity but all of the stress from restyling can take it's toll on your lovely locks. Keep a regimen of six week trims with your Rapunzels' to keep hair perfectly healthy.

Top Hair Color Trends for Summer 2014 by Geneva Cowen, Artistic Director for Sam Villa


I love the change of seasons. It opens up the conversation of “what’s next”? Double processed blondes are making a comeback. When you arrive at palest blonde one of my favorite never fail glazes for the perfect platinum is: Redken Shades Eq. 1/2oz 09 V Platinum Ice and 1 ½ oz Crystal Clear 2 oz processing solution for 20 minutes.

Sun will always expose warm undertones, add Blonde Idol Custom-Tone Conditioner Violet to your retail regime for the perfect cool blonde in between color services. It is my new fave and it flies off the shelf!

Blondes may have more fun however this season smokey and neutral brunettes are sexy. To tone down unwanted warmth on level 6 or darker and keep the natural dimension of sun exposure apply equal parts Redken Shades EQ. 06 N and 08 N for 20 minutes. This formula neutralizes warmth and leave the hair glossy and shiny.


Soft natural highlights are evident on our beloved celebrities, and Ombre has anchored its way into our color business. However, all hair color drama lives in the tone and contrast. Tone it down. Instead of 4 levels of contrast talk to your guests about a more natural approach that is no more than two levels lighter.

As stylists, we have the power to start a color movement in our community. Wherever your creative thought processes takes you as long as it is in good taste, is suitable to our guest’s facial structure and skin tone. If their new color looks great on them it will create a buzz. Make a commitment to offer change to your clientele whether subtle or dramatic.

If you put 5 women at a table, within 10 minutes someone will bring up hair or beauty. Your guests love you and want to talk about why you are the best. Give them something to talk about!