How to use Swivel Shears - 5 Cutting Positions [VIDEO] - Sam Villa

How to use Swivel Shears - 5 Cutting Positions [VIDEO]

Do you get shoulder pain or fatigue? It could be because of how you hold your body when you cut.

Traditional shears force you to rotate your shoulder and raise your elbow, so why not use a sprofessional swivel shear? The thumb has a wider rotating circumference than other fingers, it can swivel a full 365°!

Swivel shears utilize that natural range of motion allowing you to drop your elbow for an ergonomically correct cutting position.

Here’s the difference – when cutting length, layers on top or point cutting fringe with traditional shears, you have to lift the shoulder and elbow, forcing the wrist into an unnatural position which causes pain.

With swivel shears, the thumb rotates leaving the shoulder and elbow in a natural pain-free position. Ahhhhhhhhh!