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The Mid Contour Crop Men's Haircut

As hairdressers, we are constantly researching and keeping up to date with current trends in fashion and in hair. It's our job to consult with our guests about what is popular now or what will be popular soon and make recommendations based on their face shape, type of hair, lifestyle and of course...their wants and needs.

This step by step men's haircut I'm going to share with you is a great cut to help you mix things up behind the chair to keep your end results fresh and new. Reflect with your clients in your consultation on what your ideas are to enhance their everyday look. Everyone loves looking their best!

Recommended Tools:

Step By Step Haircut:

Isolate and control hair into a horseshoe parting just above the parietal. As a general rule (not a law) for this haircut, it's best to work off of the parietal for your parting. You can however adjust (by a half inch) if your clients head shape calls for a wider or skinnier parting. The wider the head, the skinnier the parting and vice versa.

Begin by setting in your starting base line using clipper over comb from hairline to just below the parietal, around the curve of the head then on your opposite side to connect your base line evenly.

After your base line is established, attach your number one clipper guard and cut about one inch below your baseline keeping the blade parallel to the head. Leaving an inch gives you room to blend. Remember, the more room you leave yourself the smoother the transition will be!

Repeat around the curve of the head then on your opposite side to blend evenly.

Refine using clipper over comb to blur the weight between your base lines and soften your blend. If using scissor over comb, keep comb moving slowly with quick shears.

Transitioning to your top:

Using your Professional 7" Dry Cutting Shear, take horizontal sections parallel to the top of the head and cut square from parietal to parietal.

Hot Tip: Based on the density of your clients hair you can leave as much extra length across the parietal as you please for texturizing.

Taking the preserved length, twist individual triangular sections toward the face in half inch to one inch sections and cut with your Reversible Blending Shear. This will add inevitable texture!

Why a triangle section? We want the focus of the sectioning to fall into a point (the corner of a triangle). By using a triangular section, it makes the hair easier to control. The more control you have over the hair, the better your end result will be!

Comb hair straight down and begin to slide (channel) cut to remove weight and add texture.

Add a gel or grooming spray to prep for your blowdry. Use a vent brush and blow the hair down towards the face. Also, your vent brush will help add lift if you so desire.

Once the hair is dry and in finish design shape, refine and blend using clipper over comb as well as blending shear over comb.

Refine with your Sam Villa Reversible Blending shears to remove weight and excess bulk in desired areas.

Apply product and style as desired.

This men's haircut is extremely popular in the UK and will continue to become more popular in the states come 2015. Stay ahead of the curve and as always, stay creative!

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