The Hair Flip & A Sneaky Way To Create Instant Volume In Under 5 Minutes

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It's been proven that going 2-4 days in between washes is actually better for your hair. Washing your hair everyday can cause your scalp and ends to become dry, fade your hair color faster and let's face it...the maintenance gets expensive! One of the downsides to not washing everyday it that the longer you go in between washes, the more flat and lifeless your hair becomes. Oils start to build up and you can slowly kiss that volume goodbye!

We've got an easy 5 minute solution to bring back the volume, reinvigorate body and leave you with a beautiful volumous finish.

The Hair Flip: Simply change the part of your hair, in a flipping motion, then add some product and finish with a soft blow dry! VAVOOM, you've got amazing body!

Tools and Products Used:

Let's start flipping!

Hot Tip: This hairstyle works best on a side part, because we will be flipping to the opposite side.

  • Begin by applying a dry shampoo to your roots. This will absorb any excess oils and add volume to your roots. We suggest doing around the face and down your part. Once you apply the dry shampoo, shake your hair with your fingers to rub it in, this will also add more body!
  • Next, simply take a section on the thicker side of your part, from the front about half way to the back. This is the section you will flip over. Spray a small amount of Redken's Wind Blown 05 to the section. After you apply the product, take the section and flip it to the opposite side. Don't comb the flip section down, we want that lift and body!
  • After you flip your section, pick up your blow dryer, set the speed to a low airflow, and blow dry the flipped section. Don't hesitate to get your hands in the flipped section and scrunch up towards . Blow drying the flipped section will help the hair stay to the new side.
  • Finish with Redken's Control Addict 28 to ensure the flip won't slowly flip back to its natural part.

There you have it! The Hair Flip - your new go-to secret weapon when you are short on time and your hair begins to fall flat. Give it a try, we guarantee you will love the results!

Check out this tutorial to create beach waves, perfect for Day 1 of your wash! After you curl once with this technique your hair will last up to 4 days! Click here to watch.

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