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Time Saving Blow Drying Techniques (Sleek, Efficient & Fast)


We understand how valuable your time is behind the chair! We also understand the fast-paced world we live in and our clients being on shorter timelines when visiting the salon.

Andrew Carruthers, Cultural Ambassador for Sam Villa shares a few time saving blow drying techniques that will improve efficiency while still delivering high quality service! Discover how to eliminate steps and speed up your blow dry to keep your guests happy!


Prep with the correct products! Products are a necessity for every blow out, but there are some products that will promote a quicker blow dry.

We love Redken One United for all hair types for conditioning, shine and easy comb-ability. Partner One United with Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer Cream on the mid-shaft and ends for frizz-control, and extra heat protection for up to 450 degrees.
Once the heat of your blow dry reacts with the Primer cream, the water evaporates out of the hair faster allowing for a quicker blow dry.

To remove excess moisture and prep the hair further, we wrap-dry the roots to enforce root direction and allow the hair to fall in its natural form.

In Depth Flat Wrap Blow Dry Tutorial


The next step to your fastest blow dry is choosing a drying technique for the mid shaft and ends. We will break down two techniques known as leafing and draping. Both techniques are efficient ways to blow dry without the need for clips.

By eliminating clips, we skip a step within our blowdry routine to save time, yet avoid any concerns of jeopardizing the quality of the blow dry.

To prep the hair:

  • Hold your Sam Villa Signature Series Paddle Brush in your one hand and Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer in your other hand.
  • Standing behind your client, use your Paddle Brush to direct all the hair back to the crown starting from the front hairline.
    • This directs all of the hair back to be positioned for the sections we will be taking.

1. To gather your first section, continue standing behind your client and position your tools to start on the clients' left side (You will complete the entire left side first):

  • Starting from the front left hairline near the part, brush all of the hair back to the crown
  • Once the hair reaches the back of the head, grab about 3-inches in width of the left section in between your opposite hands' ring and middle finger, and hold the section up and away. This will leave the bottom half of the left section to lay in natural fall.
  • This hair will be your first section to blow dry.

This will be the same sectioning for the entire head for all blow drying techniques.*


For a sleek blow dry, you’ll want to use tension when blow drying your sections. This is known as the leafing technique:

Starting at the bottom, left section (the hair in natural fall):

  • Hold your brush horizontally with the bristles placed against the roots of the section.
  • Bring the brush up into the roots and turn counter-clockwise using your wrist as you scoop the hair into the bristles of the brush.
  • Stop turning your wrist once the back of the brush is against the scalp.
    • You’ll feel the hair secured and tight with tension in the bristles.
  • Turn your blow-dryer on high and direct the nozzle horizontally against the bristles as you follow with the brush through to the ends.
    • Keep the tension tight as you blow dry the entire section.
  • Continue your leafing technique until the section is completely dry!

Follow the same sectioning as above to complete the entire head.*

To eliminate tension:

Hold up the bottom, left section that’s in natural fall:

  • With the bristles facing out, hold your brush parallel to the underneath of your section against the root and lay (or drape) your bottom section onto the bristles.
  • Turn your blow-dryer on and direct the nozzle horizontally against the bristles.
  • Follow the brush with your blow dryer down to the ends.
  • Continue the draping technique until the section is completely dry.

Decreased tension is best to use for finer-haired clients that want volume and body. Tension can cause fine hair to feel rigged and lifeless, so decreasing it allows for more body and movement!

Follow the same sectioning as above to complete the entire head.*

For medium-tension, we recommend the Sam Villa Artist Series Polishing Paddle Brush. Using the leafing technique, this brush provides great tension especially for coarse, thick hair types. That’s because of the placement of the boar bristles in between the nylon pins which are important for these reasons:

  • Nylon pins are infused with tourmaline to positively charge ions.
  • Boar bristles enforce tension and distributes oils through the hair polishing the cuticle.

Being a paddle style, this brush still has the elements of speed when blow drying. This takes us to the next important tip for a faster blow dry; the elements of speed!

Professional Ionic Blow Dryer

What´s Important About The Elements Of Speed When Blow Drying?

It’s important to understand brushing at a steady and fluid speed is most efficient when blow drying the hair.

Passing the brush through the hair quickly will actually slow down the blow dry process as it will not allow the heat and airflow to penetrate into the hair strand. This raises the concern of moisture being trapped in the middle of our section which is how frizz develops.

If we steadily move our brush down to the ends as the airflow from the blow dryer penetrates the hair strand, we ensure that the water molecules fully release from the hair. Speed is not created equal here!

Once you choose the technique you’re going to use based on the hair type and desired style, continue to use the same sectioning as above.

  • To recap, brush the hair back towards the crown from the front hairline, and grab about 2-3 inches in width with your middle and ring finger. Section this way to complete the entire head!


Using these blow drying techniques and eliminating a step in your normal regime, you are now equipped with an efficient, faster, high-quality blow dry! We hope to improve your skills and keep your clients happy making more money behind the chair in less time!

Professional tools products used in this video:
proffessional ionic blow dryer

Professional Ionic Blow Dryer

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Signature Series Paddle Brush

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artist series polishing paddle brush

Artist Series Polishing Paddle Brush

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Redken One United All-In-One Treatment


Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer Cream


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