Wash and Go Curls: Easy & Fast Natural Curly Hairstyle - Sam Villa

Wash and Go Curls: Easy & Fast Natural Curly Hairstyle

Searching for a quick curly style to celebrate your guest’s gorgeous natural texture? Look no further than these stunning wash and go curls from texture expert and Sam Villa Ambassador Ashley Brown!

Best For: Very Curly to Coily Hair (Texture Types 6 + 7)

Sam Villa Tools

Mizani Products

  • True Textures Moisture Replenish Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Fusion Intense Moisturizing Mask
  • 25 Miracle Milk
  • Style Shifter Society Coco Dew
  • Coco Dew
  • Foam Wrap

Prepping the ‘Wash N’ Go’

  1. Shampoo and condition the hair with True Textures Moisture Replenish Shampoo & Conditioner from Mizani.

  2. Apply a deep conditioning mask like Mizani Fusion Intense Moisturizing Mask and let it sit for 10 minutes with a plastic processing cap over the hair to lock in the hydration. After 10 minutes, detangle the hair with the Sam Villa 9 Row Finishing Brush to distribute the mask thoroughly before rinsing.

PRO TIP: A great time to detangle higher texture types is when the hair is wet and saturated with a deep conditioning mask, as this will cut down on your detangling time.

PRO TIP: Grip the mid-shafts of the hair in a firm fist while detangling to avoid tension at the roots.

PRO TIP: A brush with flexible bristles works better than a comb for detangling textured hair.

Setting the Hair Before Diffusing

  1. After rinsing the hair, keep it covered with the plastic cap to retain the water and moisture. Separate a horizontal section in the nape that’s organic by using your fingers. Place the rest of the hair back into the plastic cap.

    PRO TIP: If you're having trouble sectioning from the root & running into snags you can use a tail comb or the ends of the clip to section from the mid shafts to ends first.

    PRO TIP: Begin in the nape area, as this will help you avoid disrupting the curls you’ve already set as you move up the head.

    PRO TIP: The density of the hair will determine the width of your sections. Thicker hair should be divided into more subsections.

  2. Saturate each section with water using your Sam Villa Continuous Mist Spray Bottle & Mizani Miracle Milk. Evenly distribute the product with the Sam Villa 9 Row Finishing Brush, gripping the hair and making a fist to reduce tension at the scalp.

    PRO TIP: Always place your palm under the section of hair you're detangling so as not to disrupt the hair underneath that you've already styled.

  3. Follow the leave-in conditioner by misting every section with Mizani CoCo Dew, then apply Mizani Foam Wrap liberally from mid-shafts to ends and sparingly at the roots. Distribute the product liberally with the Sam Villa Paddle Brush. Scrunch the product into the hair from the ends through the mid-shafts.

    PRO TIP: If your client wants maximum volume, continue working up the head and scrunch the product in. If they want elongation and length, don't scrunch.

    PRO TIP: When you scrunch the hair, you'll get clumps of curls. If you run into a section that’s too heavy, you can break up the curls by gently shaking and separating them for independent tendrils with more bounce and movement.

    PRO TIP: Gently pat the Foam Wrap into the roots for gentle product distribution that won’t disrupt the curl pattern.

    PRO TIP: Apply the product with 'prayer hands' for even distribution.

  4. As you work your way up the head, make sure you're re-misting the hair with the Sam Villa Continuous Spray Bottle to prevent frizz. Continue to apply CoCo Dew and 4-5 pumps of Mizani Foam Wrap with 'prayer hands' from the mid shafts to ends to encourage the curl pattern to come out.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 until all of the hair is detangled and prepped with products before diffusing.

Diffusing the Hair

PRO TIP: If you want less volume, have your guest sit under a hooded dryer instead of diffusing with your blow dryer.

  1. Diffuse the hair with the Sam Villa Light Pro Ionic Blow Dryer and Deep Bowl Diffuser. Set the dryer to high heat and low airflow. Begin oscillating the curls to create a cast to lock in the curl pattern.
  2. Lift the hair and gently place the mid shafts and ends into the diffuser. Move the dryer up and down slowly towards the root.

    PRO TIP: Do not touch the hair while you're diffusing– you want as little manipulation as possible to avoid creating frizz. Make sure you have clean, dry hands when you place the curls into the diffuser, then don’t touch the hair again and let the diffuser do the work.

  3. Have your client tilt their head to the left and right while you blow-dry. If you have a chair with armrests, they can rest against them for greater comfort.
  4. Next, ask your guest to lean forward so their curls are hanging straight down. Continue with the motion of lifting the ends up towards the roots with the Sam Villa Deep Bowl Diffuser.
  5. Have your client lean all the way back so their neck is against the back of the chair and their curls are hanging off the back of the chair. Oscillate with the diffuser, just directing hot airflow onto the curls.
  6. Once the hair is 80-95% dry, apply Mizani 25 Miracle Oil and shake the curls out from the roots to tips. Massage the roots for added volume, then scrunch the hair with the oil for curl separation and definition.

PRO TIP: Ask your client to lean forward so you can shake out their hair for added volume and have them shake their head like they're saying 'yes' and 'no'.

PRO TIP: For added curl separation, elongate the curls by pulling on them and stretching them.