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Which Blending Shear is Right for You?

You've seen the names... reversible blending shear, 42-tooth blender and the invisi...what and you've watched the techniques, but knowing which blending shear is right for you can become overwhelming and challenging. Here at Sam Villa, we want to make life easier for you and help you to know which type of blending shear you need to achieve your desired outcome.

First off, the Sam Villa shear family has three different blending shears.

  1. Sam Villa Essential Series Reversible Blending Shear.
  2. Sam Villa Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear.
  3. Sam Villa Signature Series Invisiblend Shear.

Now that we've identified the different blending shear types, scroll down to learn more about their recommended uses.

Essential Series Reversible Blender

Essential Series Reversible Blending Shear from Sam Villa Incredible value capable of a wide range of blending techniques.

The Essential Series Reversible Blender is a much more forgiving shear having only 30 teeth. The younger brother of the Sam Villa blenders is an excellent entry level blender, but is also perfect when you simply do not want to get too aggressive with weight extraction. Being crafted in Japanese 440C Stainless Steel makes for a nice price too!

Watch these techniques to learn how these shears can be used:

Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear

Sam Villa Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear The versatility of weight and length removal in one shear.

The Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear contains the harder molybdenum alloy, which holds its sharpness longer. It also has 42 radial (curved) teeth for removing bulk from a wider section of hair without leaving hard lines. At the top of of each tooth you will find v-shaped grooves that enable the shear to capture larger amounts of hair to be cut, making for a quite aggressive blender. And you can blast through a relatively large section of hair with this shear. This shear is a favorite for working with men’s haircuts, especially scissor over comb work.

Watch these techniques to learn how these shears can be used:

Signature Series InvisiBlend Shear

Signature Series InvisiBlend Shear Ideal for seamless weight removal and diffusion of hard lines.

Akin to the Signature Series Reversible Blending Shears, but more like a cousin than a brother, enters the InvisiBlend Shear. This wildly popular shear has been met with rave reviews since its launch. Sporting all of the same bells and whistles as the rest of the Signature Series Shears, such as molybdenum alloy and polymer lining in the pivot point, the InvisiBlend is anything other than a traditional blender. Its over-polished blunt blade forces the hair over the 23 sharp convex teeth in such a way that no two hairs are cut the same length. This makes for an extremely light removal of weight with no visible lines; and since when the blades are closed, the hair is not exposed to anything sharp so you are able to drag out in any direction without snagging. The InvisiBlend removes the least amount of hair, compared to our other blending shears. Now you can actually remove bulk and hold onto most of your length in a section! And when it comes to point cutting with the InvisiBlend, well, it just doesn't get much better!

Watch these techniques to learn how these shears can be used:

Now that we've broken down each blending shear, determine the finished result your client is looking for and chose your blending shear accordingly.

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