How To Extract Weight & Add Volume With a Blending Shear - Sam Villa

How To Extract Weight & Add Volume With a Blending Shear

Have you ever had a client who wants to keep her hair long in the front but it drives her crazy because it always falls in her eyes? Is there a solution? You bet there is and Sam will take us on the journey to make this client keep coming back!

Use this technique to control the front face frame area.

Tools Required For This Technique:

How To Extract Weight & Add Volume With a Blending Shear - Step by Step

  1. Take a diagonal forward slice.
  2. Over direct toward you and elevate your section.
  3. Take your blending shear with the blunt blade on the bottom on a slight diagonal (this will make the section shorter on the top and longer underneath resulting in the hair moving back away from the face).
  4. Weave into the section with the blunt blade - just like you would when highlighting hair.
  5. Close and push the shear (backstroke) toward the base.
  6. Without removing the shear from the section, open the shear, close and back stroke at your original shear placement location you will be opening and closing on the same spot over and over again.
  7. Continue technique throughout the diagonal slice you selected and do not comb through until finished.

The length is maintained with extracted weight and as you move your fingers through the hair it stays away from the face! Voila!

This technique is also extremely helpful for adding volume to the crown giving the illusion of the hair still looking one length.

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