Get to Know

Andrew Carruthers

Culture Ambassador for Sam Villa®

There’s something noble in having a singular focus of devotion, but Andrew Carruthers believes diversity in focus and experience is the path to true happiness.

Fueled by over 17 years of full-time work in a salon, his experience also includes salon ownership, photographic work, as well as personal and professional coaching. As an educator, Andrew has worked for many national cosmetology brands and is currently the Education Director for Sam Villa®, a brand specializing in a wide variety of online and live education. Those that experience his unique teaching style and insightful writing can attest to his authenticity and devotion to helping the everyday stylist behind the chair become better at what they do.

Andrew has a great passion for motorcycles, travel, music, nature, and photography because they all connect him to Mother Earth... a connection that creates balance while fostering creativity, empathy, resourcefulness and stability. Stylists can sense his calmness and knowledge for the craft, making him a very relatable and relevant educator.

From small hands-on classes to large stages, his love for supporting others and sharing discoveries have been primary passions since the early days of his career. By focusing on haircutting and finishing while weaving in moments of career and personal coaching, his approach to education is all about connecting with the every day hairdresser and offering them the tools necessary to build a fulfilling and long lasting career - #ArtistsSupportingArtists.

I used to think that creative inspiration for my craft (hair) needed to be found in something visual, but now I know that anything that develops the creative centers in our brain supports our artistry.

Andrew Carruthers