Sam Villa® ArTeam Member

Jesse identifies with hairdressers who work full-time behind the chair - because he is one himself - and he promotes education that develops a diversified skill set necessary for their success.

"The working hairdresser has to produce CONSISTENT results REGULARLY on the same people AGAIN AND AGAIN. That's a unique need and pressure that is often not addressed in modern hair education. It's important to me that hairdressers understand the WHY behind trends and technique - and thereby gain more control over their hands, their personal vision, and their business."

Linares studies traditional Japanese martial arts, and he applies many concepts from his training to his hair world and education. "Constant attention to your personal training is essential to growth," he states. "Doing hair is a craft job that takes decades of daily work to truly master. Don't be in such a hurry, and enjoy your work!" Jesse believes that a hairdresser's career cannot be measured in profit and loss, but rather in how much of themselves they gave to their work. "Every haircut, every color, every style is a chance to prove what you are made of."

Like the entire Sam Villa team, Jesse approaches education differently to add value for stylists. He delivers programs that are upbeat and motivating – with an emphasis on personal integrity and skill excellence. Linares has dedicated his career to helping stylists translate education into success behind the chair. "The moment I met Sam Villa, I knew I would one day work with him. Sam has always represented the working hairdresser through top-shelf education and tools designed with us in mind. It is my privilege to be a part of and support a voice that is elevating our industry."