Hairdressers Resources for Coronavirus Crisis Hairdressers Resources for Coronavirus Crisis

This page is dedicated to providing key information and resources for salon owners and industry professionals about the effects that Coronavirus (COVID-19) may have on you, your staff and your business

During these difficult days and unprecedented times, we want to be there for you in every way we can. We are a small company with a big megaphone we try to use for good. Our way of giving back to this great industry is to use our voice and our platforms to help salons and stylists so we can get through this together and be better than ever. We’ve always tried to provide as much value in education as we can but during these times we’re really stepping up. Here are just some of the new programs we began in March. The response from all of you has been incredible and we’re so grateful to be able to help.

Back to Work Resources

Operation Clean State

Back to Work Guidelines

In partnership with Barbicide, PBA Visionary Members, and other industry experts who have generously donated their time, we created a full list of Back to Work guidelines that include everything from sanitation to client engagement. As we prepare for salons to re-open, we want to ensure that everyone is following proper health and safety procedures to create a comfortable and safe environment for clients. We’ve been working closely with local state governments to encourage using this document as their primary guidance for helping salons re-open.

Educational Series

To better prepare the industry for the new normal, we’ve created 2 new webinar series: Prepping for Success and OWNing Re-opening. Our first series, Prepping for Success, has focused on everything from proper sanitation procedures, to how to price yourself, to financial fitness. This comprehensive series of 5 sessions will run through May 8 with recorded sessions available on our website. On May 6, we’ll be launching our new series OWNing Re-opening. This targeted series will help salon owners better prepare for re-opening and include topics such as employee engagement and motivation, how to de-stress during this new normal and an overview on business and personal insurance coverage. Both of these series are specifically designed to help better prepare our industry to successfully get back to work.

Social Assets

We’ve created a full series of social assets to target salons and stylists with back to work guidelines and best practices. These will be shared on our social and can be tagged or reposted as desired. Additionally, we’ve added several graphics for stylists to share with their clients; letting clients know how their experiences will differ now and the new expectations



Education Resources

Beauty Industry Updates Panel w with Andrew Carruthers
Beauty Industry Updates Panel with Andrew Carruthers

Virtual Salon Summit (May 18th.). Navigating the Post-Covid World. Hosted by Beauty Industry Updates.

A panel discussion on a range of topics around the future of our industry, education, and salon life. With Andrew Carruthers - Sam Villa Education Director, Olaplex CEO, GlossGenius CEO, Hairstory CEO, Barbicide Director of Education & Simply Organic President.

BARBICIDE® COVID-19 Certification Course – NEW
BARBICIDE® COVID-19 Certification Course – NEW

You can demonstrate your dedication to providing a safe, clean environment for your clientele by becoming a BARBICIDE Certified Safe Service Establishment and also supporting the PBA Covid-19 Relief Fund. This program is designed to present the most current information that is pertinent to the Professional Beauty Professional. This information changes daily, but the guidelines for the Professional Beauty industry are likely to remain consistent in the short term.

BARBICIDE® Certification

The Free BARBICIDE® Certification program is the industry standard for infection control. After completion you are able to download a printable certificate for your use at no charge. Now you can also show your clients and future clients your commitment to their safety by sharing your achievement through your social networks. It's always accessible and you never have to worry about losing it. Your individual credential is permanently recorded and secured and can be added to your personal website as well as your email signature.

Tuesdays with Sammy
Tuesdays with Sammy

- Live on Facebook & YouTube every Tuesday at 11:00 am ET

- Tune in each week to sharpen your skills for when the world reopens and we can get back to work!

Cabin Fever with Andrew Carruthers
Cabin Fever with Andrew Carruthers

- Live on Facebook & YouTube every Friday at 1:00 pm ET

- Andrew will be joined by a special guest for an interactive session all about coping and keeping our lives in balance through physical and mental techniques and awareness.


Managing Stress & Anxiety


Stress first aid kit
The Healthy Workplace


The Relaxed Mind

“The Relaxed Mind”

Dza Kilung Rinpoche
The Confidence Gap

“The Confidence Gap”

Russ Harris
mBraining: Using Your Multiple Brains to do Cool Stuff

“mBraining: Using Your Multiple Brains to do Cool Stuff”

Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka


Coherent Breathing Trainer
mBraining Guided Meditation for Healing and Protection with Dr. Suzanne Henwood