Spiral wrap sections of hair around the SamVilla Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Curling Iron & Wand.

Secure each section with a clip and allow the hair to cool.
Pro tip: Pinning will set each curl, causing expansion and a 3D appearance when you brush them out.

Gently remove each clip and let the curls fall loosely.

Brush each section with a Sam Villa Artist Series Finishing Brush, and spray the hair lightly with Redken Fashion Work 12.
Pro tip: Use the hairspray bottle to help sculpt the valley of the waves.

Place the Sam Villa Dry Sectioning clips in the valley part of the wave. Let rest for five or more minutes.

Remove the clips, back-combed at the scalp for added support, and brush to smooth waves in place.


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Detailed Process

Vintage Wave Set with Horizontal Wrap:

1. Off a middle part use the Signature Series Sam Villa Tail comb and take horizontal sections that are about 1-1.5"long to 1"-1.5" wide.

2. Spray each section with Iron Shape 11 from Redken to add a thermal protectant to the hair before using your curling iron.

Spraying Iron Shape 11 on each curl for full saturation for max curl There's soft flexibility to the product, additional hold, and memory using this product 

3. Elevate each section up to 45 degrees above the horizontal 90 to get an on-base curl with a 2-in-1 Sam Villa Marcel Iron in 1". Twist the hair while you're wrapping, then pin on-base with a metal pin curl clip.

Secure with single-prong clips with smaller sections and double-prong clips with thicker or bigger sections

Twisting while you're wrapping gives a vintage /pin curl finger wave look

4. When you get above the vertical transition, or partial ridge, elevate the hair 180 degrees or the vertical 90 to create an on-base curl.

When pinning curls on the top of the head makes sure the curls are super secure, use two clips to pin if needed.

Vintage Wave Set with Vertical Wrap:

1. Take horizontal sections about 1" in height and 1.5" in width & wrap them with the Sam Villa 2-in-1 marcel iron in 1". Over-direct each section forward towards your guest’s face & hold your iron vertically to the floor, wrapping the hair around the iron from the roots all the way to the ends.

2. Continue working your way up the head taking horizontal sections & wrapping the hair vertically with the iron.

3. When you get above the vertical transition, or partial ridge, switch to diagonal sections so the hair will have an undulation that falls more forward towards the guest’s face. 

4. When you get to curling the front fringe area take a diagonal forward section, that mirrors the sectioning for the fringe & over-direct forward to the front of the face.

5. When you move to the section behind the fringe switch to a vertical section so the waves will fall with a bit of separation for expansion.

6. Spray with Fashion Work 12 and spray from the bottom to control flyaways.

When you're looking for a maximum lift for thinner-haired clients wrap horizontally this is also great for pinning the hair up. Also, you don't have to brush and dress the curls for an updo you can just release them & pin them into place. 

Pinning the curls helps to give a bit of expansion & character to the curl it gives them a 3D appearance.

Dressing the Curls:

1. Release the section in the nape begin dressing the curls that you set first.

Release your curl set from the bottom up also helps to let your curls not get tangled as you’re dressing them out.

2. Spray the curls with Fashion Work 12 as you're dressing them to add hold while gravity pulls them down. 

Use a can of Fashion Work 12 to help set the peaks and valleys in the curl set by rolling the can against the wave ridges

Fashion Work 12 was named this because it's a working spray that was made for Fashion Shows, it doesn't give a dusty or matte look, wait until the end to use a higher-hold hairspray like Redken’s Triple Take 32. 

Short blasts of Fashion Work 12 help to keep the hair held but also not overpowered and overweighted with hairspray.

3. Use the Signature Series Long Cutting Comb in white to dress the curl and add expansion while you're breaking them up.

Shake the curls when you're dressing them out to help disperse the undeletion. 

Test out the tool that you use to dress the curls so you can see how the hair responds. Start with your hands first, then a comb, and lastly a boar bristle brush. This way you can see the effect that the curl is going to take on when dressed out throughout the head. Different hair types respond differently to different tools. 

4. Continue releasing the curls and brushing them out at natural fall starting at the bottom

5. When you get to the top section keep your palm at the root while dressing out to maintain volume. 

6. Place a Dry Sectioning Clip at the root to ensure lift and volume for a vintage-effect 

7. Place Dry Sectioning Clips on each ridge to encourage the wave's movement or undulation. 

8. Give a light tease at the root on top of the head for added-lift and volume.

9. Finish with Oil for All to smooth any flyaways apply the oil to your palms and run the oil through the mids and ends with your palms closed.

Oil For All is great for smoothing any flyaways or pieces that may get too frizzy you can apply the oil 

If you apply too much hairspray and the look is getting too matte-looking you can add Oil For All to add softness back into the look

Step away to check for balance in styling so you're not paying too much attention to the little details 

When you're finishing have a delicate touch to not disrupt the curls