Prep the hair root and mid shaft with the Sam Villa Textur Iron. This adds volume and creates expansion in the hair.

Curl the prepped section with the 1-inch Sam Villa 2-in-1 Marcel Iron & Wand. Wrap the hair around the iron in a spiral fashion. Secure in a clip to allow the curl to set.

Remove the clips and allow the curls to fall freely. Using your Sam Villa Artist Series Polishing Paddle Brush, on the side, brush the hair up and twist on the top of the head.

Repeat on the opposite side and secure the hair with bobby pins.

Once the hair is secure, begin to separate the curls with your fingers. Take your time and be gentle.


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Detailed Process


1. Begin with clean dry hair & start by spraying Redken’s Iron Shape 11 throughout the hair from mids to ends.

Use Iron Shape 11 on the mids & ends of the hair to prep the hair for heat & to lock in the style it's also great for curl memory.

2. Pre-section the sides & nape of the head into four large triangular sections begin your sectioning from the corner of the eye to the apex of the head to the nape.

3. Stamp the roots with the Sam Villa Textur Iron all throughout the head. Then in alternating horizontal sections stamp down the mids with the Textur Iron.

4. Take horizontal sections throughout the back of the head & curl from roots to ends with the 1-inch 2-in-1 Marcel Iron & Wand & pin on base curls.

Begin curling your set in the nape as this helps to not let you get tangled when removing the pins and releasing your curls. If you curl the crown first you need to release those curls from clips first, and this will cause you to get lost & tangled in your long hairdressing set.


1. Release the top mohawk section & detangle with the Artist Series Polishing Paddle Brush then stamp the roots with the Textur Iron.

2. Next, take 1” horizontal sections and use the Sam Villa 2-in-1 Marcel Iron & Wand to curl the hair, elevating straight up to 90 degrees for an on-base curl, then pin at the root with the Dry Sectioning Clips while the hair cools.

The Sam Villa Dry Sectioning Clips are great for styling with as they do not leave any lines of demarcation in the hair. It’s important to let hair cool in the shape you want to last so the hydrogen bonds are reset into their new wave pattern.

The Sam Villa 2-in-1 Marcel Iron & Wand has a ‘colored treated’ setting that is at 392 degrees which helps to ensure color molecules won’t fade. Once you start styling with temperatures above this dye molecules begin to fade quickly.

Be mindful of the hair around the front hairline as it's more delicate when styling with hot tools, you might not need to curl the hair as long.

3. Continue taking 1" horizontal sections & create on-base curls with the 2-in-1 Marcel Iron & Wand then pin at the root. Do this until all the hair is curled throughout the mohawk section.

As you're wrapping the hair around the marcel iron hold on to the ends & slowly feed the hair into the marcel to stay organized so you can quickly add curl.

If your client's hair doesn't hold curl as well go with a smaller iron for a tighter curl pattern which will add longevity. This will also give you more texture & movement.

4. Once your curls on the top of the head have fully cooled down release your clips & smooth the sides of the hair with the Artist Series Finishing Brush & gather the hair with tight tension & twist with the underside of your hand & secure into the crown of the head with grip with the bumps of the pin facing down.

When securing a look with hair that you want to gather use the sides of the bristles of the Artist Series Finishing brush to get close to a hairline or tricky area for added tension to gather baby hairs that may be difficult to capture & secure.

5. Next, use the Signature Series Tail Comb to softly pull out the front hairline for intentional softness.

Baby hairs left out around the perimeter are great for adding an editorial edge to your look.

6. Create a loose bun at the apex of the head. Gently twist & pin with a grip leaving the ends out & rouche the hair. This will help your shape expand & create a loose shape.

Place your grip into the hair with the bumps facing down for added security this will help your style have great longevity.

7. Once you've checked for balance & you're happy with the shape you've created spray with Redken's Triple Pure 32 for soft, flexible hold.

8. Next move onto your section at the crown of the head & create a nother loose bun repeating steps 6 & 7.

9. Complete your look with rouching the mids & ends until you've created a shape that is to your liking & finish with Redken's Triple Pure 32.

Hot Sets for Redken is also a great solution for locking the curl into the hair. Triple Take 32 is a great finishing spray to add longevity to your style.

The bigger the piece you rouche, the more expansion you'll get.

Step away from your work & check for balance especially when finishing the hair & incorporating creative techniques like rouching.

You can approach finishing with design in mind to mimic a cut that you want to recreate using cinching or pinning to replicate a shape.