Prep: Shampoo and condition hair with Mizani True Textures Moisture Replenish Shampoo and Conditioner. After rinsing, cover hair with a plastic cap. Start in the nape with a horizontal section. Keep the rest of the hair in the plastic cap. Saturate the section with water and Mizani Miracle Milk.

Evenly distribute product with a Sam Villa Signature Series 9 Row Finishing Brush. Follow with Mizani CoCo Dew and Foam Wrap. Apply liberally and dispense with the brush.

Scrunch product into hair.

Gently separate curls for added definition.

Repeat steps 1- 4 with the remaining sections of hair.

Diffuse hair with a Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer and Deep Bowl Diffuser on high heat and low airspeed. Try not to touch or disrupt the curls while diffusing. To lock in the curl pattern, start diffusing hair with the head in an upright position. Once curls are set, to add volume, finish diffusing the hair by moving head forward, backward and side to side.


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Detailed Process

Prepping the ‘Wash N’ Go’:

1. Shampoo and condition your guest with True Textures Moisture Replenish Shampoo & Conditioner from Mizani. 

2. Apply a deep conditioning mask like Mizani’s Fusion Intense Moisturizing Mask and let it sit for 10 minutes with a plastic cap to lock in the benefits of the mask. Once the 10 minutes are done detangle your guest with the Sam Villa 9 Row Finishing Brush to detangle and distribute the mask thoroughly before rinsing. 

A great time to detangle higher texture types is when the hair is wet, and they have a deep conditioning mask penetrating their hair as it will cut down on your detangling time. 

Hold the mid’s of the hair with a firm fist while detangling to avoid tension at the root.

A brush vs. a comb is much better for detangling textured hair.

Prepping the Hair Before Diffusing:

1. After rinsing your guest keep the plastic cap over their hair to retain the water and moisture. Release a horizontal section in the nape that’s organic by using your fingers & place the rest of the hair back in the plastic cap. 

If you're having trouble sectioning from the root & running into snags you can use a tail comb or the ends of the clip to section from the mids to ends first. 

Begin in the nape as this will help you to not disrupt the curls you’ve already set as you move up the head. 

The density of the hair determines the width of your section. Thicker hair should be divided into more subsections. 

2. Saturate each section with water using your Sam Villa Continuous Mist Spray Bottle & Mizani’s Miracle Milk. Evenly distribute the product with the Sam Villa 9 Row Finishing Brush, grip the hair & make a fist to reduce tension at the scalp 

Always have your palm under the section of hair you're detangling to not disrupt the hair underneath that you've already styled. 

3. Follow the leave-in conditioner by misting every section with Mizani’s CoCo Dew, then apply Mizani’s Foam Wrap liberally from mids & ends & a bit at the root. Distribute the product liberally with the Sam Villa Paddle Brush. Scrunch the product into the hair from the ends to the mids. 

If your client wants maximum volume continue working up the head & scrunch the product in, if they want elongation & length don't scrunch.

When you scrunch the hair, you'll get clumps of curls & if you run into a section that is too heavy you can break up the curls by gently shaking them & separating them for independent tendrils that will give you more movement.

Gently pat the Foam Wrap into the roots for gentle product distribution that won’t disrupt the curl pattern.

Apply the product with 'prayer hands' for even distribution. 

4. As you move up the head make sure you're re-misting the hair with the Sam Villa Continuous Spray Bottle to prevent frizz, and continue to apply CoCo Dew & 4-5 pumps of Mizani Foam Wrap with 'prayer hands' from the mids to ends to encourage the curl pattern to come out. 

5. Continue with steps 1-4 until all of the hair is detangled and prepped with products before diffusing.

Diffusing the Hair:

If you don't want max volume you can have your guest sit under a hooded dryer.

1. Begin diffusing with the Pro Ionic Light Blow Dryer from Sam Villa & Deep Bowl Diffuser. Begin oscillating the curls to create a cast to lock in the curl pattern set the dryer to high heat & low air flow.

Lift the hair & gently place the mids & ends into the diffuser & bring the dryer up and down slowly towards the root.

Do not touch the hair while you're diffusing, make sure you have clean, dry hands & place into the diffuser then you don't touch it again, you want as little manipulation as possible. 

3. Have your client tilt their hair to the left & right, if you have a chair with an arm rest you can have them rest against the arm rests to help them get more comfortable. 

4. Have your guest lean forward next so their curls are hanging at a downward angle & continue with your motion of bringing the ends towards the root with the Sam Villa Deep Bowl Diffuser

5. Next have your client lean all the way back so their neck is against the back of their chair & their curls are hanging of the back of the chair & oscillate with the diffuser just providing hot air flow onto the curls. 

6. Once the hair is 80-95% dry after being diffused Apply Mizani 25 Miracle Oil & shake the curls out from the roots to ends. Massage at the root for added volume then you can scrunch the hair with the oil & for curl separation.

Have your client lean forward so you can shake out their hair for added volume & have them shake their head like they're saying 'yes' and 'no'.

For added curl seperation you can elongate the curls by pulling on them & stretching them.