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How to increase retail sales in your salon

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people leaving a salon say they wish they had more education on how to recreate their new look? According to Redken, the client's ability to recreate their look at home has a direct effect on client satisfaction, retention and referrals. And, guess what? The WWD Morning Report showed that, 71 percent of consumers were not given a product recommendation on a recent salon visit.

It's time to get back to retail basics and set up your "Education Station" with these five daily best practices!

Client Consultation

1. Follow the same routine.

  • Set up your station the same way each day.
  • Always keep product labels facing out toward your client.
  • Only keep out six products at most. Do not "clutter" your station.

2. Make offerings on purpose!

  • BE EXCITED! Make offerings with passion and sincerity.
  • Suggest products based on the specific needs of your client. If your client's number one complaint is that her color fades, then offer products like Redken Color Extend Shampoo. Explain that it's like wearing a hat in the sun that protects your hair from damaging UV rays!
  • Your guest wants to feel that you are really addressing their personal needs because you genuinely care about THEM!
  • Retail should be talked about starting with the initial consultation. Discover what your clients use now, what they like about those products, and what they feel is missing. Asking great questions will help you to select the right product for their hair type and finish.
  • Even if the client did not purchase the specific products that you recommended, keep notes of what you offered and plan a follow-up date. Give your clients sample packets to take home and try. Sampling is a proven way to increase retail sales! 72 percent of consumers purchase full-size products after trying a sample size; and, 69 percent have bought a product they don't normally use after trying a sample.

3. Communicate your recommendations to the front desk.

  • Let your front desk personnel know your recommendations and why.
  • Utilize tools for better communication such as a prescription pad writing down product information that the team can use for closing product purchases.

4. Do not limit your product knowledge to one specific department and, remember, you are the professional expert!

  • If you are licensed in hair, skin and nail services, you should make beauty recommendations in all three departments!
  • When you are well-versed and up-to-date in your product knowledge, you not only become the technician, but the beauty consultant that clients trust.

5. Always follow up!

  • Call to check on any sample products to see how it is going and ask your client whether they have been able to achieve their look at home.
  • Send thank you notes.
  • Let your clients know of any future promotions that might be coming up!

Do these things and your retail sales will increase along with your commission check!