How to cut long layers in the back of the head -- VIDEO - Sam Villa

How to cut long layers in the back of the head -- VIDEO

We are certain most of you have mastered a long layering technique, there are so many out there! The following technique is quick and simple to achieve consistent layers throughout the entire head, check it out!

When we want to maintain length and weight, we direct the hair in the opposite direction, we "pull away". You may also have heard this stated as ‘the further the hair travels the longer the length.

Check out the following step by step:

  1. Divide the hair into two sections from front to back.
  2. Begin with a slight diagonal forward section on one side in the front:
    1. This first cut will be the shortest area and it will become the stationary guide for all of the hair to travel to.
    2. Elevate as you see fit to compensate for hairline density and length.
    3. Low elevation and over direction forward will create length.
    4. Higher elevation will result in shorter layers and more length removed from the back.
  3. Progress through the head by parting out parallel sections and over directing them to the stationary guide – maintain the elevation as the stationary guide.
  4. Your last section of "length" to bring forward form the back may be just at, or underneath the occipital.
  5. Bring all the hair forward to the stationary guide - If you want the layers to be shorter, elevate more in the front area.

There you have it! You will clearly see consistent layering throughout the head without losing length and weight.

Remember, the further the hair is pulled away from its area – the farther the hair travels, the longer the length!

Get in there and cut the darn thing!