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How To Create a Net Braid - Fishnet Braid Video Tutorial [Step by Step]

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A net braid is a beautiful braided style that creates the appearance of a fishnet layered across the surface of the hair. Braids actually go way back, starting with the Himba people of Namibia, but from Heidi to Coachella, they’ve become a hairdressing staple for millions of people. From box braids to crown braids, French braids to Dutch braids, this hairstyle will never go out of fashion.

Now the braid has been reinvented yet again. Go ahead, tie one on. Here’s how to create a net braid:

Step 1: Horseshoe Section

  • Start by taking a horseshoe section around the hairline and dividing that from the center part into four sections on each side. Now isolate them with a single-prong clip.

Step 2: Tie Center Sectios

  • Lift the two center sections and work some Redken Braid Aid 03 Defining Lotion through the hair. Now come through and tie your shoelace. Place the tie in the center and hold it there with your index finger. Clip it down to the base or scalp.

Step 3: Right Side First Shoe Lace

  • Now move to the right side. Take the section to the right you just tied and the next section that you isolated with the single-prong clip. Tie your shoelace, place it where you want, secure it with your index finger and replace the single-prong clip close to the base of the scalp.

Step 4: Right Side Second Shoe Lace

  • Now take the section you just tied and the next section in the single-prong clip. Use your fingers to work the Braid Aid through the hair and tie your shoelace. Hold the tie in place with your index finger, comb back to your single-prong clip and isolate it at the base or scalp. This is critical.

Step 5: Right Side Third Shoe Lace

  • This is your last section on this side. Take each section you tied and the one closest to the new section. Lift it up, add the new section and tie your shoelace. Use your index finger again and isolate that down to the scalp so it doesn’t lift as you’re tying.

Step 6: Repeat On Left Side

  • Go to the opposite side. Look for the single-prong clip and see where it’s pointed. Go to your right side, grab that and work your way down the opposite side. Develop your touch.Be very light-handed to keep things organized as you’re working.

Step 7: Create the Second Row

  • Now count the braids. You should have seven. Find your center. Look for the two strands to the left and right of center. You’re getting short hair here so work with Braid Aid 03 to keep them nice and pliable. Tie your shoelace and bring your single- prong clip back to what you just tied. You should be working levels or rows back.

Step 8: Continue Rhythm for a Third Row

  • Continue the pattern. Notice that you’re not picking up any hair so everything you’re tying is floating on top of that ponytail. Work to the opposite side now. Take what you just tied on the opposite side. Your sections will be getting skinnier, but don’t worry that you won’t have enough hair. Just continue the rhythm.

Step 9: Stretch Back and Tie

  • Each time you tie, take the pin in front and slide it to the back. When you’re done you’ll start losing the pins, but make sure to grab each section as you remove the pins. Now split this in half and stretch it back right under the ponytail. Place an elastic there, twist it until it gets all the way to the base, and you’re good to go.

Want to add visual interest to a ponytail? Try this simple net braid. It’s easy as tying a shoelace. Watch the video to master the technique.

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