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How To Create A Consistent One Length Haircut (It’s All In The Details)

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It’s all in the details! Andrew Carruthers, Cultural Ambassador for Sam Villa shares the fine details to solve one of the most common challenges hairdressers face when cutting a one-length bob; an inconsistent perimeter line.

Read on to discover how the solutions!


There are a few key factors that contribute to the challenge of cutting a consistent perimeter line from side-to-side.

One thing to be aware of is how we section the hair prior to cutting. Sections should be straight and clean lines mirroring the exact lines we will cut as we move around the head.

Always be sure to section around the head with precise lines prior to starting your haircut!

    1. The first key factor is how we place our fingers onto our sections. If you hold up your pointer and middle finger, you’ll notice that the fingertips are where the fingers are skinniest. They gradually get thicker moving towards the knuckles where they’re the thickest.

a. This is problematic when we grip sections in between these fingers.

b. We often look down at the top of the fingers when trying to designate our cutting guide. Looking at the bottom of our fingers, you’ll notice that there is actually a slight diagonal from the knuckles to the fingertips. This creates an inconsistent cutting line.

    1. The second key factor is the weight of our elbow pulling our hand down. When cutting hair, our arms and elbows are lifted.

a. The weight of our elbow tends to drag us down and pull our hand up; out of it’s proper positioning. This happens often without our awareness and results in an uneven line when cutting.

short cutting comb


Follow the steps below! This technique targets both key contributors described above, eliminating the common challenge of cutting a consistent perimeter.

Determine the desired length of your haircut. Section the head using a horizontal breakdown with precise, clean lines.

  • Each section will be about 2-inches deep, and 2-inches wide throughout the entire head.
    • Across, and up and down.
  • Starting at the nape, 1-inch down from the scalp, place in your Sam Villa Signature Series Cutting Comb on a horizontal (mirroring the base of the section).
  • Place the bottom of your fingers directly on top of the comb.
  • With fingers on the comb, glide the comb down to your cutting guide, ensuring to keep the comb in line with the floor.
  • Remove the comb and cut your guide!
  • Continue across the entire perimeter for a consistent line, to complete your bottom row of sections.
  • Take down the next row of sections, and follow the same technique to complete all sections.


We hope to have sparked an "ah-ha" moment for you and we invite you to try this technique the next time your clients asks for a one-length haircut or bob!!

Recommended Tools for this technique
Signature Series Short Cutting Comb

Signature Series
Short Cutting Comb


essential shear 6"

Essential Series
6" Shear


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