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Challenges and Solutions When Cutting a Bob

The bob is a haircut that all stylists must learn to master in the salon. However, there are some common challenges that we encounter that when corrected makes difference between a good bob and a perfect bob. Some of the challenges we face when cutting a bob are: When layering, we end up with thin spots around the ears, we get too aggressive with our layering and end up with a light upper surface with a lot of bulk sitting down at the bottom.

In this how to video, Andrew Carruthers, Cultural Ambassador for Sam Villa®, shares: •

bob-1 How to set up your initial guide for your layering

bob-2 How to eliminate a bulky top edge

bob-3 Proper finger angle and elevation for cutting layers •

bob-4 Comb guide for cutting layers]

bob-5 Eliminating "fatness" at the bottom of your bob


Now let's watch as Andrew demonstrates how to take your bob haircuts from good to great!