Free Haircut DVD - Curlicious: How to cut, style and maintain curly hair - Sam Villa

Free Haircut DVD - Curlicious: How to cut, style and maintain curly hair

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Curlicious, Your Guide to Mastering Naturally Curly Hair was the 6th DVD in "The Aspire Tour" learning series.

Within Sam Villa team, we decided to give it away from free, due the COVID-19 crisis, in order to help hairdresser to improve their techniques during the quarantine.

What you will discover in Curlicious?

"Fifty percent of North American women have natural wave or curl to their hair. For these women, texture is not a trend that comes and goes, it's a lifestyle - and they're looking for professional guidance on how to embrace it," says Sam Villa.

Naturally curly hair can be intimidating for stylists - it's fragile, prone to frizz and unmanageability, lacks shine, it's dry and it's unpredictable.

Villa addresses these facts, identifies different curl textures and covers everything from how to approach this hair type at the shampoo bowl, to cutting and texturizing techniques, to product application and finishing.

Curlicious provides everything a stylist needs to know to professionally treat, cut and style curly hair and how to educate her clients for at home care. Wavy, Curly/Springy and Spiral/Kinky hair all differ in density, curl pattern and frizz factor.

Understanding the nuances of each texture within the naturally curly hair type sets stylists up for success. Sam Villa and his special guests, Redken Artists Danny Felstead and Gaby Miley, highlight do's and don'ts, demonstrate techniques and utilize Redken's new Curvaceous hair care and styling collection for curly hair.

Redken's Curvaceous and Sam Villa's Curlicious DVD are a perfect combination for providing stylists the product, information, skills and poise needed to service naturally curly hair with confidence.

As part of "The Aspire Tour", Curlicious was shot in a salon (Madison Avenue Salon and Day Spa/Phoenix, AZ), with real stylists on camera in a reality show format. Viewers get a front row seat and access to questions asked and tools used by Villa - Professional shears, Professional brushes, Professional combs and Professional thermal tools.